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Trump Attorney Christina Bobb Speaks To FBI – Names Other Attorneys And Possible Crimes: Report

Christina Bobb, an attorney for disgraced former president Donald Trump who signed and a document to the National Archives certifying that the ex-president had turned over all the documents, spoke to federal investigators on Friday and named two other Trump attorneys and possible crimes that may have been committed, according to NBC News.

Represented by Tampa attorney John Lauro, Bobb gave her testimony Friday in Washington and spoke to federal investigators, not the grand jury investigating Trump, the source with knowledge of her testimony said. The information she gave could play a crucial part in the widening investigation into Trump concerning his possession of records that the federal government alleges he should not have kept after he left office.

The DOJ now believes that Trump still has classified documents or copies of them in his possession, which is in direct violation of federal law, and the fear now is that the former president may be selling or exchanging the information with foreign governments.

The day after Bobb spoke to investigators, The New York Times reported how Trump resisted the federal government’s longstanding requests for the documents, involving aides and lawyers. Meanwhile, the Times and The Washington Post, citing people familiar with the deliberations, have also reported infighting on Trump’s legal team that involves Epshteyn, Corcoran and a new lawyer hired to take over the case, Chris Kise, who could not be reached for comment.

Bobb’s sudden cooperation with federal investigators comes after she was apparently used by others inside Trump’s orbit as the designated scapegoat.

“People made [Bobb] the fall guy — or fall gal, for what it’s worth — and it’s wrong,” the source said. “Yes, she signed the declaration. No one disputes that. But what she signed is technically accurate. … The people who told her to sign it should know better.”

All of this also points to the DOJ filing charges against Trump sooner rather than later for his actions regarding the documents in question.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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