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Trump Admits He Likes To Feel Up Melania In Public, Says He May Have A ‘Psychological Problem’ (AUDIO)

On the rare occasions when Donald Trump has offered to share details of his personal life, one thing became very clear: He’s as much of an asshole in private as he in public.

New audio from some of Trump’s old appearances on The Howard Stern Show have surfaced, and in them Trump admits that his daughter Ivanka “looks down” on him and that he likes to grope his third wife, Melania, in public.

On the subject of Ivanka, Trump comments:

“I think my daughter looks down on me.”

When Stern began questioning the future president on the subject of his wife, Melania, things turned strange very quickly:

Stern:  Have you ever felt her up in public?

Trump: Yeah.

Stern: Yeah. As I know.

Trump: I’m very well-behaved actually and almost always I’m very down the middle.

Stern: How did you meet this supermodel?

Trump: I met her at a very big party in New York. And she was there along with other supermodels and I greeted all of them and I said, that’s the one that’s the most beautiful.

Discussing his intense fear of germs, Trump freely admitted that such a phobia may be indicative of a larger psychological issue. When he tells Stern he washes his hands “as many times as possible,” that sets off a discussion of Trump possibly being less than sane:

Stern: You realize that’s a psychological problem.

Trump: It could be a psychological problem.

Stern:  There’s no way for you to get … You cannot overpower this problem you know that  — I mean theoretically you know, because that’s obsessive-compulsive, right? Have you ever gone to a psychiatrist to eliminate that problem?

Trump: No. I like it. I like cleanliness. Cleanliness is a nice thing. Not only hands, body, everything.

As we’ve learned in the nine months Trump has been head of state, he has much larger issues than just being a germophobe. He’s also a racist, a misogynist, a pathological liar, a narcissist, and a man who seems incapable of making a rational decision on any issue.

Is Donald Trump insane? Nah, he’s just a malignant asshole.

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By Andrew Bradford

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