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Top Obama Adviser Responds To Trump’s Paranoid ‘Wiretap’ Tweets, And It’s EPIC!

As the investigation into Donald Trump and his campaign’s connection to and collusion with Russia reveals more possibly criminal behavior on the part of the so-called president, the Con Man-in-Chief sent out some tweets early Saturday morning:

Trump has no proof of any wiretaps or illegal behavior by President Obama or the Obama Administration, he’s just trying to divert attention from the fact that Attorney General Jeff Sessions got caught red-handed this week for lying under oath about whether or not he had contact with any Russian officials during the election. Turns out the AG did indeed meet with the Russian ambassador–not once, but twice–meaning Sessions perjured himself at his own confirmation hearing.

In response to Trump’s paranoid social media rantings, former Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rh

It has become clearer than ever over the past week that Trump knows he’s in the crosshairs of several investigations and will very possibly be indicted, impeached, or both. His Attorney General is also facing prosecution for lying to Congress under oath. His son-in-law could be called to testify either by a Congressional committee, an independent prosecutor, or a federal grand jury. And when prosecutors made deals with these smaller fish in order to get Trump, they’re likely to sing like the proverbial bird.

If Trump had any sense (and all evidence points to the opposite) he’d stay as far away from the topic of the Russia investigation as possible, go about his duties, and refuse to talk about the matter. He won’t, of course, but he should.

The clock is ticking on the Trump Administration, and at this rate it would appear he and his fellow traitors could be out on their asses by the end of 2017.

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