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Today’s Conspiracy Theory: RWNJs Now Saying Obama WON’T LET Trump Take Office

Even though their candidate won, even though they have control of both houses of Congress, even though everything seems to be going their way and all is coming up roses for conservatives, some on the right are floating a theory that Trump will never be allowed to take the oath of office. President Obama won’t let him!

Cue ominous music and maniacal laughter.

What will big bad President Obama do to keep Trump from raising his right hand and taking the oath with his left on a book he’s never actually read? Impose martial law!

Where, you may wonder, did this ridiculous notion come from? Well, here’s the bizarro right-winger logic involved: Those 256 executive orders Obama signed are just the warm-up act for his most dastardly one in which he declares the President-elect a threat to national security and sends out the infamous “black helicopters” to enslave us all right before he declares himself President for life.

Some of this deeply flawed theorizing goes as far back as 2012 when Texas Republican Rep. Kay Granger posted a statement on her website alleging that Obama signed an executive order declaring martial law. Then, in July 2016, a theory circulated on the internet claiming that Obama had declared America would be better off under martial law in an interview with the Washington Post. No such interview exists because it didn’t take place.

President Obama has even addressed this conspiracy theory, saying at an October campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio:

“They’ve been feeding their base all kinds of crazy for years. If somebody completely denies climate change, or is filled up with all kinds of conspiracy theories about how me and Hillary started ISIL, or that we were plotting to declare martial law and take away everybody’s guns.”

How many guns were confiscated during the eight years President Obama has been in office? Not a single one.

All of this would be laughable if the gullible fools who watch (and believe) Fox News didn’t think it was real. But they do, and apparently they’ll gobble down any pile of rancid tripe they’re served. Wonder how they’re gonna feel when Trump bends over, takes a giant dump right on top of them, laughs, and walks away as he calls them suckers. They’ll probably applaud and ask for an encore.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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