Time To Say It Clearly–Donald Trump Is A Fraud, A Con, A Grifter, And A Domestic Terrorist

I’ve been planning to write this article for months now. First I delayed because I was convinced there was no way in hell Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination. Until he did.

Next, I convinced myself that Trump would self-destruct and the election would be over with by now; Clinton would hold a 15-20 point lead and be on her way to the greatest electoral victory since Lyndon Johnson kicked Barry Goldwater’s ass all the way back to Arizona. But, based on the latest polling data, the race is closer than I’d like.

But perhaps the biggest reason I waited to write this piece is because I simply couldn’t believe Americans would actually give serious consideration to this man. Aren’t voters smarter than this? Some 40-45 percent of them appear not to be. Therefore, this column became all the more urgent.

So let me state this unequivocally and without any reservations whatsoever: Donald J. Trump is a con man, a fraud waiting to be exposed, a common grifter, and by definition a domestic terrorist. Allow me a moment to explain:

Con Man Trump

As we are seeing with more revelations from the Donald J. Trump foundation, this man has used other people’s money to appear philanthropic while also attempting to claim his so-called “generosity” on his income taxes. That’s a crime, and by my personal code of ethics he should be doing five to ten years in prison for his actions in this regard.

Then there’s Trump University and the thousands he ripped off as part of that scam.

Strike one!

Fraud Trump

See the above, and add to it all of the people he has stiffed over the years when his businesses went bankrupt and people he owed money to had to settle for pennies on the dollar in settlements. This is not how you treat working people–or anyone!– if you truly care about others, which Trump clearly does not and never will.

Strike two!

Grifter Trump

I sound like a broken record at this point: Trump Foundation, Trump University, bankruptcies, and the way Trump always makes sure he comes out on top, even if everyone else gets royally screwed. In days now gone, a man who did this to so many people might be banished from society, and in this case it might be a good idea to rekindle that practice so that no one ever has to be taken advantage of by Donald Trump, who would sell his own child’s soul to Satan for a tidy profit. Where I come from, we call people this low white trash. I think that applies to Trump, too.

Strike three!

Domestic Terrorist

Yeah, this is the one that’s gonna raise the most eyebrows, and I fully understand the weight of that term when applied to a person as wealthy and supposedly “civilized” as Donald Trump.

But here’s what I base it on: His repeated calls for violence against protesters. His demeaning words and actions which are used to mock the less fortunate, the disabled, minorities, and anyone he disagrees with or dares to contradict what he says.

More than any of those, however, is the hatred and venom I see in this man’s eyes. The eyes, they say, are the windows to the soul, and if that’s the case, this man has no soul at all, just a hollow chamber where you might be able to look for hours and only find a tiny burned-up cinder.

Strikes four, five and six!

Donald Trump is the greatest threat this country has faced since World War II, and those of us who truly love this country must band together, vote, and remove this cancer from our futures. We are all accountable to ourselves and future generations for our actions and votes in November.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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