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Three Horrific Scenarios That Could Take Place In Trump’s Final Days As POTUS

As of today, Donald Trump has only 12 days left in office, because on January 20, President-elect Joe Biden will officially take the oath of office and become our next president.

However, with a man as unstable and downright evil as Trump still in charge, a lot could potentially happen over the next couple of weeks, and three scenarios in particular are downright terrifying, as Bill Kristol of The Bulwark spelled out by noting his three major concerns: “Iran, the Insurrection Act and insanity.”

Kristol laid out his fears in a Twitter thread on New Year’s Eve:

Any and all of the possibilities Kristol lays out are completely conceivable with a man as unstable as Donald Trump. The incumbent president feels cornered and is clearly desperate to stay in office so he can continue to have immunity from prosecution. And as he’s repeatedly shown over the past four years, nothing is too depraved or evil for the man.

We have to remain vigilant and on guard over the next couple of weeks. Together, we will boot Trump from office and start anew.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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