This One GIF Perfectly Sums Up The True Essence Of Donald Trump

There’s an old axiom that goes like this: We are our truest selves when we think no one is looking. We don’t have to put on an act, or a mask, the way we normally do in public, so we let the “real” us sneak out. If you sing along to music when alone but not when others are present, then you know this to be true.

And now we have proof that when Donald Trump is at his truest self, he is clearly a very angry and unhappy man. If you doubt that, take a look at this GIF taken from right after the third debate in Las Vegas. As Hillary Clinton steps forward to shake hands with debate moderator Chris Wallace, you can clearly see the GOP nominee grinding his teeth, his lips downturned, jaw clenched. And note how he angrily rips that sheet of paper from the legal pad he had in front of him.

What does this tell us? Well, if you read between the lines, it speaks volumes. Trump must be thinking, I just lost that debate. She kicked my ass. I let my dark personality seep out again. Dammit!

The facial expression is one of implosion, as if the candidate is collapsing upon himself, and yet at the same time ready to blow a fuse or have his head explode.

Is Donald Trump the most hateful and self-destructive person to ever seek the White House? Look back at that GIF and decide for yourself.

h/t Slate

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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