This New Democratic Congressional Caucus Says ‘Hell No’ To Working With Trump

While some Democrats in Congress are saying they will work with President-elect Donald Trump to help pass legislation which might create jobs, a new caucus of progressives has emerged that is vowing to refuse any cooperation at all with the new administration. They call themselves the “hell no” caucus.

Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego had this to say about the new President:

“There’s nothing there. He doesn’t use power properly.”

Gallego also said that he and his colleagues in the new caucus are not even inclined to assist in passing bills which might fund infrastructure spending:

“While we may be able to pass an infrastructure bill, he’s going to use that power to push his racist, bigoted agenda on the other end.”

Katherine Clark, who represents the 5th Congressional district of Massachusetts, said she sees no evidence that Trump plans to govern in a way that would allow her to support him:

“The indications are that Donald Trump does not plan to live up to be a president for all Americans. I find that a concerning first step. I’m not saying I’m going to work with the guy, I’m not saying I’m not going to work with him. But I’ll tell you this: I have a healthy, not only dose of skepticism, but fear that he is going to continue with those themes, based on his appointment of Steve Bannon.”

And while some progressives such as Congressman Keith Ellison say they’re trying to keep an open mind about Trump, his early announcement of who he wants to advise him don’t exactly calm their fears:

“The President-elect ran on deporting millions of people, building a wall on the Mexican border, lowering taxes on the super-rich, and banning Muslims from entering the country. If he governs the way he campaigned, I’ll be the first standing in his way.”

Considering how Republicans obstructed President Obama every step of the way during his eight years in office, who could blame these and other Democrats if they dug in their heels and refused to give an inch when it comes to Trump? Payback can be a real son of a bitch.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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