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These Leaked Details From A New Tell-All Book About Melania Are Sure To Upset The White House

A highly anticipated book will be released next Tuesday, and it promises to pull the curtain back on the real Melania Trump, along with other details about the Trump administration that are almost certain to be embarrassing, revealing, and potentially damaging with the 2020 election now just two months away.

Some of the juicier excerpts from Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s new book Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady, were obtained by Politico, and they’re certain to set off new debate about both the current president and his wife. For example:

  • Donald Trump wanted his inauguration to look like a North Korean military parade. When discussing the parade with Winston Wolkoff and Ivanka during the transition, Trump said: “I want tanks and choppers. Make it look like North Korea,” he told them. Winston Wolkoff wrote: “He really wanted goose-stepping troops and armored tanks? That would break tradition and terrify half the country.”
  • Melania and Donald Trump are not fans of Valentine’s Day or of being very sentimental towards each other. Winston Wolkoff said she never remembers Melania telling her that her husband had sent her flowers or taken her out for Valentine’s Day. She also never mentioned planning a sweet surprise for Donald either.
  • Melania doesn’t place a high importance on other people’s wants and desires, according to the book. Winston Wolkoff says that she has sometimes said over the years: “Pleasing anyone else is not my priority!”

Wolkoff also reports that the president’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, was instrumental in getting Donald and Melania’s son, Barron, into a prestigious Manhattan prep school, Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. Cohen served on the board of the school, so it was a snap for him to make sure Barron gained admission.

Everything we learn about this president and his family seems to confirm our worst fears about them: They’re distant, self-obsessed, two-faced, and overall terrible people who are hollow and ugly on the inside. Granted, we all have our faults, but the Trumps are more like something out of a psychological drama that winds up with Shakespearean tragedy at the end of the day. Let’s just hope they don’t take the country down in flames with them.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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