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The Trump Campaign Held A Training Session For Volunteers And ZERO People Showed Up

Based on what happened recently in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania, the Trump reelection team should indeed be very worried about their chances of securing a second term for the incumbent president.

Olivia Nuzzi of New York magazine reports that the Trump 2020 campaign had a training session scheduled in Pennsylvania for volunteers who wanted to help get the president reelected. But only two “volunteers” signed up, and both of them canceled at the last moment:

“In a blue room in the back, beneath an American flag with the words MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN printed in block letters inside the white stripes, a woman sat alone at the end of a conference table. She wasn’t participating in the volunteer training. She was the volunteer training. There just weren’t any volunteers.

“When she first thought I might be one, she was friendly. She offered me coffee and asked me to sit down. Two people had signed up for the Trump Leadership Initiative training, she said, but each of them had canceled, one citing an ear infection and the other citing allergies.”

Nuzzi says later in her article that the same thing is happening across the Keystone State when it comes to getting anyone to volunteer their time for the Trump effort. Campaign training events in Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Pittsburgh also netted zero volunteers, which suggests that enthusiasm for Trump is almost non-existent in the state.

Pennsylvania is one of the states Trump managed to win by a narrow margin in 2016 (along with Michigan, and Wisconsin), but presumptive nominee Joe Biden was born in the state and polls show him leading in a head-to-matchup with Trump.

Michigan and Wisconsin also look questionable for Trump. Recently, his campaign put a hold on future ad buys in the Wolverine State, a sign that it too may be slipping away from the president.

Trump is the most unpopular incumbent president of the past half-century. He has failed to protect the American people from coronavirus, watched helplessly as the economy has entered a deep recession, and is now trying to destroy the U.S. Postal Service. All of that suggests he’s destined to be recorded in the history books as a failed one-term head of state.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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