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The Strange Connection Between Bill Barr’s Father, Jeffrey Epstein, And A Novel About Child Sex Slavery

When financier/convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was found dead last August at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York where he was being held on charges of sex trafficking, the first member of the Trump administration to speak out on the matter was Attorney General William Barr, who remarked:

“I have seen nothing that undercuts the finding of the medical examiner that this was a suicide. Epstein’s death, I think we will see, was a suicide.”

But as it turns out, the attorney general’s family has extensive connections to Epstein, beginning with William Barr’s father, Donald, who may have had a role in hiring the convicted pedophile to teach math at New York’s elite Dalton prep school even though Epstein had dropped out of college and was only 21 at the time. Donald Barr served as headmaster of the Dalton School.

And that’s not the only bizarre and utterly perverse connection Donald Barr had in a tangential way with Epstein, who was later accused of raping young girls, including a 13-year-old who was allegedly sexually abused by Epstein and then-real estate mogul Donald Trump.

Donald Barr was also a novelist, and a book he published in 1973 entitled Space Relations: A Slightly Gothic Interplanetary Talehad as one it its plot points the rape of an enslaved people, most notably young teenage girls, which Vice News first explored shortly after Epstein died:

“In September of 1973, a year before his tenure at Dalton ended, Barr published Space Relations. The book is highly unsettling and depicts the rape of enslaved people, especially teenage girls, and other coercive sex acts for the dual purposes of entertainment and controlled procreation. Barr resigned from his position as headmaster in June 1974 due to disagreements with trustees ‘over budget priorities and his disciplinarian approach to substance abuse,’ according to his obituary in The New York Times.”

Looking at that odd confluence of facts, the question that immediately comes to mind is this: Could AG Barr have been trying, decades later, to cut all ties between his father and Epstein? And if so, could that be why Barr steadfastly refused to recuse himself from Epstein’s case despite the appearance of impropriety?

Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any stranger.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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