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The Internet Is Mocking Trump Hard For His Insistence That’s He’s Calling His ‘Own Shots’ (TWEETS)

It’s Monday morning, so it must be time for the always insecure and illegitimate American head of state to assert himself via Twitter and demand that we all respect him for the serious (snicker) and decisive (uproarious laughter) leader he is.

In recent weeks, it has been suggested that the real power broker in the White House is neo-Nazi minister of propaganda Steve Bannon, the former CEO of Insecure little man-child that he is, Trump felt the need to go on social media and clarify a few things:

You gotta love the “accumulation of data” line. In Trump’s addled brain, that probably means he watches Fox News for fifteen minutes, goes on Twitter, then calls Bannon down to the Oval Office to ask him what his next move should be.

Others on social media wasted no time ripping the Cheeto-in-Chief to shreds:

Yeah, you’re in charge, Donnie. Now be a good boy and give the phone back to Big Steve so you can work on your coloring books.

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