The 35 Percent Approval POTUS Just Threatened Other GOPers If They Don’t ‘Get On The Team’

Donald Trump’s approval rating currently stands at 35 percent. Only 35 percent of Americans approve of the job this idiot is doing, and who can blame them? The same tracking poll from Gallup shows that fully 56 percent of those surveyed disapprove of Trump’s performance as the illegitimate head of state.

But despite this, Trump thought it would be a great idea to go on Twitter Thursday morning and send out this threat to House Republicans in the so-called Freedom Caucus:

The Freedom Caucus, you may recall, was the group of Republicans who failed to get on board and pass the deeply flawed Trump/Ryan healthcare bill which would have led to at least 24 million Americans losing their health insurance. These far right members of the GOP didn’t dig in their heels because they give a damn about anyone. Instead, they objected to the Trumpcare bill because it was too generous and offered tax credits to help pay for coverage.

And now we have a man who is slipping in the polls attempting to issue threats. Apparently the real president, Steve Bannon, hasn’t bothered to inform his Oval Office puppet that no Republican is going to be afraid of a clown who has a 35 percent approval rating and is under investigation for being a traitor.

So does Trump’s tweet mean he will be urging primary challengers for Republicans who don’t do as he says? A CNN reporter asked that very question of spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her reply is as opaque as everything we get from the press office these days:

As usual, Trump is trying to deflect attention away from something else. Today that something is the first day of hearings by the Senate Intelligence Committee. Trump knows all kinds of bad headlines could be on the way as a result of the committee. He cannot deny the evidence against him, so he decided he’d try and lash out at others. His own impotence must be eating him alive.

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