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Terrified GOP Official: If I Vote To Impeach Trump ‘They’ll Kill My Wife, My Kids, Or Me’

Amazingly, 10 Republican House members voted in favor of the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Wednesday, making the Trump’s second impeachment more bipartisan than his first, though he deserved to be removed from office for his Ukraine extortion scheme, too.

The case will now go to the Senate, but the trial isn’t expected to be held until after the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20.

However, there are some Republicans who are terrified of voting their conscience when it comes to Trump and remember only too well what too place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

According to Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson, one of those GOP members of Congress told him he was terrified that he or his family would be killed if he voted to impeach Trump, saying the terrified congressperson explained:

 “‘If I vote for impeachment I will never know when they will kill my wife, my kids, or me.'”

Wilson then added:

“They are terrified of the mob. That’s what the mob did. The purpose of terrorism is to terrorize. Donald Trump is the leader of a terrorist faction of a terrorist group that terrorizes the Congress. They accomplished their mission. When it came to the Republicans, the ones who really believe in Trumpism, it’s a handful, it’s 25, 30 of those idiots, the Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan types. A lot of the rest of them are living in stark terror that Donald Trump’s mob will come and kill them. That’s not a country that we thought we lived in where the warlord will send his minions at you if you don’t agree with everything he says. So, it is a dark moment for the Republican Party.”

Not just a dark moment, but potentially a fatal one, leaving the GOP to go the way of the Whigs, who disappeared from the American political landscape in 1854.

Wilson also told MSNBC host that he’s sick and tired of the new breed of extremist Republicans who revel in victimhood and idiocy:

“This whiny bitch victimhood from Matt Gaetz and Ken Buck and Jim Jordan and Marjorie coo-coo Green, all of these other people, it is the most pathetic example of special pleading I’ve ever seen. They act as if they’ve been oppressed somehow. That the world is against them somehow. Twitter and Facebook aren’t banning you because you’re a conservative. They’re banning you because you suck. They’re banning you because you say evil sh*t. They’re banning you because you support a revolution against the government of this country. This is the most remarkable thing about this to me is all of these tough guys swagger-monkeys who act like they’re the big alpha males — they’re whining and bitching about Kathy Griffin holding up a mannequin head or Nancy Pelosi tearing up a piece of paper? Toughen up.”

Exactly! As much as Republicans like to pretend they’re “tough” by openly carrying guns, they sure are wimpy as hell.

It’s time that members of the GOP ask themselves an existential question: Do they really want to belong to a political party that has the same perverted philosophy as the mafia?

Here’s Rick Wilson on MSNBC:


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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