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Ted Cruz Just Tweeted That If Hillary Wins, There Will Be ‘Mandated Sex Change Operations’

If you needed any further proof that the entire Republican Party has lost its freaking mind and utterly jumped the shark, this should suffice: Ted Cruz sent out a tweet which linked to a column by Daniel Horowitz which ran in the Conservative Review with the title, “Why conservatives will need a new party if/when Hillary wins.” In that column, Horowitz asserts that should Hillary Clinton be elected President of the United States, the government will mandate sex change operations.

Horowitz also urges conservatives to create a new political party which would replace the GOP because the current Republican leadership in Congress is eager to compromise with Clinton on a whole host of issues:

“[Texas Sen. John Cornyn’s] biggest agenda item for a Hillary presidency is to grant her George Soros’s top policy agenda — jailbreak — which will help create a permanent Democrat majority.”

But then Horowitz gets downright bizarre in an Alex Jones conspiracy theory kinda way by writing:

“By that point, we will have mandated sex change operations. Heck, our own military during a time of war and internal morale crisis has already published a handbook on sex changes. We simply don’t have the time to continue down this failed path. We’ve already been in the wilderness for 27 years.”

And with that kind of fear mongering, you’ll be in the wilderness for another 200 or so years, David.

It should be noted that Cruz deleted the tweet just hours after he first posted it and now his office is claiming the tweet was not authorized by the Texas Senator:

Mandated sex change operations, huh? Oddly, I don’t recall any discussion of this issue at the two previous debates, nor has Clinton or Trump addressed the matter in any way whatsoever. That probably means they both recognize it as such a huge pile of unadulterated bullshit that it doesn’t warrant a response. And while Cruz may try to deny the posting is his work, keep in mind this is the very same Teddy Boy who said as recently as June of 2015 that there would be “mandatory” same-sex marriage should the Supreme Court rule in favor of marriage equality.

Just when you thought the GOP couldn’t get more bizarre, they prove they most certainly can.

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