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Tea Party Bigots, Fearful Of Sharia Law, Preparing To ‘Start Killing The Hell Out Of Muslims’

Emboldened by the election of Donald Trump and fearful that Sharia law will soon be imposed in their community, a group of Tea Party conservatives gathered at a seafood restaurant in Kernersville, North Carolina, last week and said they are preparing to counteract what they call a Muslim plot to conquer the United States.

Most of those who showed up admitted that they belong to militia groups, and presenter Tom Jones laid out an elaborate conspiracy theory he said was being planned by the “progressive left,” and the Muslim Brotherhood:

“The Muslim Brotherhood is behind all that terrorism and violent acts, but they’re also here operating in America in a very stealthy mode. They’ve infiltrated the judiciary. They have judges that are elected to the bench. These judges are expected to make rulings from the bench here in America according to Sharia law even though it’s not a Sharia court. If you’ve got a Muslim judge he’s required to try you under Sharia law. These people are in high positions of influence often behind the scenes in government, academia, medicine, the media.”

Frank del Valle, who was also present for the meeting, then asked Jones:

“Do you have any recommendations as to how we could stop this? Because my only recommendation is to start killing the hell out them.”

Yet another participant, Robert Watkins, who is also a former field director for the Koch-backed Americans For Prosperity and an activist with the Faith and Freedom Coalition, claimed that one of the Women’s March organizers, Linda Sarsour, wanted to impose Islam on the entire United States:

“All those women who showed up in D.C. who appear to be mainstream and supported her, raved about how she’s so great don’t realize that she’s the same one who agrees with Sharia law and will be person who stands beside them and also the same person who slices their neck.”

Later in the program, Jones told the two dozen attendees:

“I don’t know how you say ‘deep doo-doo’ in Arabic, but we’re in it. We’re in deep doo-doo, ya’ll. This is serious stuff. This is not games. These people do not play. If I put a gun to your head and ask you what you believe, you may not be able to tell, but I guarantee you these people can tell you what they believe.”

That prompted Del Valle to proudly announce:

“I’ll shoot them before they can ask me.”

It would be reassuring to think that the FBI and Justice Department will be keeping a close eye on these moronic hatemongers, but does anyone really believe a racist Islamophobe like Attorney General Jeff Sessions will do so? It’s a lot more likely Sessions would show up at one of their meetings to offer moral support.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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