Tapper Asks Conway: If Wikileaks Didn’t Turn The Election, Why Did Trump Mention Them So Much?

The latest spin from Donald Trump and his paid propagandists regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election goes like this: None of that had anything to do with Trump winning. But as Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway found out this morning on State of the Union, that argument cuts both ways.

Host Jake Tapper asked the always dissembling Conway point-blank:

“How can you say that the hacking had no impact on the election when Mr. Trump kept invoking WikiLeaks which was printing, publishing things that the Russians had hacked?”

Rather than respond to the question, Conway replied:

“Well, it had an effect on his debate answer. And it had an effect on the Clinton campaign because it was quite embarrassing to watch a host of advisers question her judgment, question whether she would ever find her voice … why she was testing 84 slogans to find out who she was and what she’d run on — this guy had ‘make America great again’ and never changed.

“I know that’s very embarrassing. I’m sure Dems calling Chelsea Clinton a spoiled brat — that’s very uncomfortable. But that’s what was hacked.”

That’s not all that was hacked, Kellyanne, and you damn well know it, as does your corrupt and compromised boss. There was also strategy from the DNC and information from private emails between members of the Clinton campaign. It was the equivalent of playing a championship football game and your opponent has already seen which plays you plan to run.

Trump and his entire operation are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the terrorist who runs Russia, Vladimir Putin. But they’d best be careful because the intelligence report also noted that Russian hackers penetrated the RNC. And it’s a safe bet that one day all of that dirty laundry will also be exposed for all to see. The Trump operation is corrupt to the core and a danger to the national security of the United States.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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