Donald Trump WTF?!

Whiny Trump Claims Melania Thinks It’s ‘Very Unfair’ How He’s Treated

Get your violin ready, because once again President Donald Trump is bemoaning the fact that he’s treated terribly all the time. Except now he’s trying to drag his wife, Melania, down into the pity party with him, suggesting she thinks it’s “very unfair” how he’s been treated since becoming president.

During an appearance on Geraldo Rivera’s radio program, the host asked Trump if all the criticism he receives bothers his wife. According to CNN’s fact-checker, Daniel Dale, the president responded:

“I mean, she’s not happy about it. She thinks it’s very unfair. But I said, ‘Don’t worry about it. Just don’t worry about it.’ I think I’ve got a good attitude.”

Donald Trump has a good attitude? Since when? He’s a thin-skinned overgrown baby who is incapable of accepting any criticism, even if it’s constructive. Every single person that’s worked with Trump over the years says that. Rather than turning the other cheek, Trump takes everything personally and acts like a child when anyone tries to make a joke about him.

If you doubt that, just consider how defensive the president is anytime a person dares to say his response to the novel coronavirus has been less than effective or reminds him that over 162,000 Americans are dead with him as head of state. He did it again when Geraldo pressed him on the matter:

That’s textbook Trump: Deflect and blame others. Nothing is ever his fault. He cannot accept blame for anything, even when his feckless response to COVID-19 has resulted in mass death.

Melania Trump doesn’t give a diddly damn about how her husband is treated. If he loses in November, don’t be surprised if she immediately files for divorce. Wouldn’t you?