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Enraged Attendees Of Pro-Trump Political Rally Urge The Crowd To Prepare For ‘Civil War’

Those who fervently support Donald Trump are not your usual political backers. They tend to be fanatical, fond of conspiracy theories, and fearful that the end is near.

A pro-Trump rally in Wilmar, Minnesota, which attracted about 200 people provided ample evidence of just how far out of the mainstream the average Trumpkin is.

At the “We Have Your Back” rally, organizer Ron Brantsner urged the crowd to only vote for Republicans who will agree to assist Trump when they arrive in Congress:

“Get the Republican Party back on its feet again. We can’t let our guard down. We won the battle, but not the war.”

Notice the militancy in Branstner’s words? That’s also common when the gun-toting Trump faithful gather to hold up their armaments and proclaim their undying devotion to the Second Amendment.

Republican State Representative Tim Miller then got up and started in on talk of a civil war in the United States:

“We are entering a time of civil war. We must stay engaged. Government doesn’t create prosperity, the people do. God, in his grace, has given us another chance.”

Since when is God fond of ignorant warmongers who try to use his name to justify their hateful actions? Apparently, Miller and his fellow Trump acolytes have never actually bothered to read the New Testament or the teachings of Jesus.

Another of the event organizers, Bob Enos, extolled the virtues of rural America, which he said had helped elected the Liar-in-Chief:

“Seventy percent of rural America voted for Donald J. Trump. If that isn’t a mandate I don’t know what is. He won, get over it.”

Oh, he won all right. He won with almost 3 million fewer votes than his competitor and lots of help from the Russians. Enos failed to mention that. Which raises the question: Is it a legitimate win if you cheat and get help from one of the greatest enemies this country faces? Or should you be indicted, tried, and convicted of treason?

The Trump tribe has a selective view of history and politics. And calling for civil war isn’t helpful to anyone except the wannabe fascist in the Oval Office.


Demented ‘Trumpstock’ Attendees Call For ‘Civil War’ If Donald Loses The 2020 Election

In Golden Valley, Arizona, they held something they call “Trumpstock,” a ragtag collection of those who consider Donald Trump to be their political savior.

Those who showed up for the event say they don’t appreciate the tags that get attached to them as supporters of a controversial president, the New York Times reports:

“They label us white nationalists, or white supremacists,” volunteered Guy Taiho Decker, who drove from California to attend the event. A right-wing protester, he has previously been arrested on charges of making terrorist threats.

“There’s no such thing as a white supremacist, just like there’s no such thing as a unicorn,” Mr. Decker said. “We’re patriots.”

But some of these so-called patriots are just a bit too eager to suggest they would do anything — even commit violence — to make sure that Trump remains in office, even if he happens to lose in 2020.

Take, for example, Mark Villalta, who admits he’s been stockpiling arms in case Trump isn’t reelected:

“Nothing less than a civil war would happen. I don’t believe in violence, but I’ll do what I got to do.”

Lose an election, start a civil war. That’s the way these Trump faithful see their duty to their leader. Sounds a bit like a cult, doesn’t it?

There was also plenty of racism and xenophobia on display at Trumpstock.

Angus Smith, an Arizona resident who attended the gathering, offered this bit of Trumpian wisdom:

“I don’t have a problem with Muslims, but can they take the rag off their head out of respect for our country?”

And then there’s Brian Talbert, the founder of Deplorable Pride, who had this to say about Hillary Clinton:

“I think she should be hanging at the end of a rope for treason.”

What these  Trump acolytes seem to forget is that if indeed Trump does lose the 2020 election, their predicted “civil war” will be short-lived and end badly for them. The police and other law enforcement agencies who have sworn allegiance to the Constitution are not going to just let a bunch of yahoos decide who gets to be president.

The folks at Trumpstock have delusions of grandeur, much like the president they’ve sworn allegiance to. They think their 35 percent of the population can decide what happens to the other 65 percent. But they’re about to find out that their deeply flawed math isn’t worth a damn.

Fox News Lies WTF?!

Dumb And Dumber (AKA Diamond And Silk) Say Hillary’s To Blame For Russia Having Nukes

Just when you thought Donald Trump’s all-time favorite TV show, Fox & Friends, could not possibly get any dumber, the Trump-worshiping duo known as Diamond & Silk show up Friday morning and lower the IQ level to negative numbers.

The two women were asked about their thoughts on comments former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made recently regarding how no one ever tells male political figures to “go away” after they lose an election. Apparently, that really offended the Doofus Sisters. Diamond commented:

“I think and we think that Hillary Clinton reminds us of a nasty sore that’s rotten to the core that really won’t go away.”

A nasty sore like the one currently in the Oval Office? A nasty sore like Jabba the Trump who claims he weighs 239 lbs. but clearly tips the scale somewhere much closer to 325?

But it was what Diamond said next (Silk was far too busy agreeing with everything her more talkative half spouted off) that makes them the perfect fans of Dumbo Donnie:

“And listen, I think it’s time for her to go somewhere and be quiet. If she’s going to be on the national platform, or on her little platform, she needs to talk about her dirty deeds. How she paid for that fake dossier to try to undermine President Trump during the election. How she sold 20 percent of the uranium to Russia and now Russia have nuclear weapons. And you know that uranium is bomb-making material.”

OK! Time out, ladies!

Hillary Clinton DID NOT sell 20 percent of the uranium to Russia and the Russians have had nukes since the freaking 1940s!

Even Fox knew the two were full of crap. When they replayed the segment later in the show, the uranium/nukes nonsense had been conveniently edited out. Thankfully, someone managed to get a copy before they did so, and you can watch it below.

Isn’t it about time we renamed Diamond & Silk something more fitting for them? Cubic zirconia and Polyester has a nice ring to it.

Fox News Lies Media in America Trump-Russia WTF?!

Trump Toadies On ‘Fox & Friends’ Say Criticizing Donnie Is ‘So Anti-American’ (VIDEO)

Over at Trump TV (also known as Fox “News”), they love Donald Trump so much that at times it seems the hosts have agreed to bow or curtsy anytime the Orange Menace’s name is mentioned on the network.

Kilmeade whined:

“Isn’t it amazing, the timing, something comes up about the Russia investigation, like for example, a story that could have broken in June comes out in January after the president goes to Davos and is treated like a rock star.”

Trump was treated like a “rock star” at Davos? He was laughed at, booed, and ridiculed behind his back, the same as he always is when he opens his big mouth and belches out his patented lies and bullshit.

Spicer joined the debate, saying Trump would also get no respect when he delivers his State of the Union address Tuesday evening:

“Somebody will dig something up from when he was, like, 8 years old about how he didn’t clean his tray.”

And then co-host Ainsley Earhardt laid this fresh turd of fascism in response:

“It’s just so anti-American. Where is the unity?”

It’s anti-American to criticize a man who may have committed treason with Russia and who continually attacks women, African-Americans, and anyone that doesn’t agree with him?

As for unity, the irony and hypocrisy of that cannot possibly be overstated. For eight years, Fox and the Republicans slammed President Obama for every word he uttered. They attacked his wife for wearing sleeveless dresses, for God’s sake! Unity? Gimme a freaking break!

Fox has never been and never will be a news network. They should officially change their name to the Trump Television Network and be done with it.



Right Wing Morons Trump-Russia

Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist Gets Dragged On TV For Calling Attempted Mueller Firing ‘Fake News’

Sometimes in life, karma waits around the corner and makes a perfectly-timed appearance when needed to take down a right-wing lugnut pushing conspiracy theories on live TV.

Such was the case Saturday with conservative commentator Stephanie Hamill. Hamill was on MSNBC to discuss the report from The New York Times that Donald Trump tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller last June, just months after Mueller had been appointed to investigate the 2016 election. Asked about that report, Hamill took a page from the tangerine doofus in the Oval Office and blithely told host Alex Witt:

“This is a fake news story. This is another New York Times piece with anonymous sources and we’ve seen the New York Times have to retract stories over and over again because of the anonymous sources. President Trump did not fire Mueller and Mueller is still on the job.”

Witt then reminded Hamill that even her beloved Fox “News” (where Hamill often appears) had verified the Times article:

“It’s been independently confirmed. NBC News has confirmed it too. How about Fox News, which I’m sure you watch from time to time? Fox News is saying Trump did have conversations about firing Mueller.”

Instead of responding, Hamill decided to turn petulant and declare:

“Fox News can report what they want. But we heard from the president, and he said he never had that conversation where he said he wanted to fire Mueller.”

And of course Donald Trump never ever lies, does he?

Liberal commentator Peter Emerson, who was also a guest, then set a verbal trap that Hamill walked right into. Emerson asked Hamill if she wanted the truth to come out about Russian interference in the election. Hamill replied:

“Yes, absolutely. Of course we want to have all the facts.”

Emerson then proceeded to remind Hamill of her own past lies, namely the one known as Pizzagate:

“Remember, in an interview you gave on camera several months ago — actually a couple of years ago — you pushed this idea of the ‘Pizzagate,’ that somehow Hillary Clinton was involved with pedophiles in a pizza store in Washington? It was so severe that the host of that show asked you to retract it. So I have no confidence in your facts.”

Boom! Every Trumpkins worst nightmare: Being confronted with facts. All Hamill could do is accuse Emerson of “stalking” her:

“Peter, I’m glad you stalked me and did some research. If you actually watch the videos you would see I was questioning some of the language that was used in the e-mails by John Podesta. I said nothing about the pizza shop, so don’t start!”

Actually, Hamill was indeed one of the tinfoil hat crowd who pushed Pizzagate. And she got her ass handed to her when she tried to start spreading more lies. Bravo, Mr. Emerson!