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Delusional Press Secy. Says Dems Killed DACA Because Trump Is ‘Winning’ (VIDEO)

With three tweets he sent out first thing Monday morning, Donald Trump proved yet again that he understand the issues of DACA and immigration about as well as a slow-witted cockroach.

Trump posted these totally incorrect tweets:

After that, Trump’s paid liars were sent out to spread their “alternative facts” all over cable news.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee appeared on Trump’s favorite show, Fox & Friends, and tried to place blame for no deal on DACA on the Democrats, even though Trump has repeatedly failed to act or propose a solution. Sanders commented:

“I think what’s happened here is incredibly sad. Look, the president made two incredibly generous offers… and Democrats still refused to make a deal and I think it’s because we’re getting close to an election, they don’t want to see the president continue to win like he has for the last year and a half and they’re going to do everything they can, even if it means hurting people across this country if they think it takes a hit at the president.”

What exactly has Trump won? He’s seen one single piece of legislation (tax reform) passed, but other than that he’s done nothing but play golf, attack Amazon, and repeat the phrase “no collusion” like a shell-shocked parrot on meth.

If he wanted to, Trump could solve the DACA matter with a single executive order that allows all of the people protected by it to remain in the United State indefinitely until Congress sends him a bill. But he’d rather use the issue for his own political benefit and terrorize hundreds of thousands of young people across the country. For that alone, he deserves to be impeached.


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Ana Navarro Slams Trumpkin For Defending Donnie’s Sexcapades (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is surrounded by scandal on all sides. From the Russia investigation to his affairs with women other than his current wife, Trump is embroiled in controversy.

But despite Trump’s mounting problems, his most devoted supporters remain true to their man, as was proven Tuesday morning on CNN.

Trump defender Amy Kremer and GOP strategist Ana Navarro were discussing the matter of Stormy Daniels, an adult film star who says she had a sexual relationship with Trump in 2006, not long after Melania Trump gave birth to the couple’s son. Kremer suggested that social media is to blame for Trump’s being a philandering pig:

“I think what is different here is that, with the 24-hour news cycle, non-stop news cycle, Twitter, Facebook, it’s driven all the time. Those tools to drive the message were not around back then. So that’s a big difference from now and in past. It’s not like all of a sudden we have a president — we find out he’s been unfaithful. We knew who this man was when we elected him. We know he likes the ladies. There’s no secret to that.”

We also know that he tells nearly every woman he takes to bed that she reminds him of his daughter, Ivanka. Are Twitter and Facebook to blame for Trump being a total perv?

Navarro wasn’t about to let Kremer — or Trump — off that easily, and she lit into the dumbfounded Trumpkin:

“We can’t get to a real policy discussion when you have a President of the United States who lies, cheats, changes positions, is unreliable, is a philanderer, has no moral compass, is a bully on Twitter, attacks people. When you have those things going on day after day after day, this level of chaos, this level of disorganization, being unreliable in the Oval Office day after day, it’s very hard to get into a serious policy discussion.”

Ana Navarro may be a Republican, but she has no tolerance for hypocritical morons who defend the biggest crook to ever occupy the Oval Office.

Bravo, Ana!

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White House Aide Stephen Miller About To Be Ousted – REPORT

Not long before President Trump left for his trip to Asia, one of his senior advisers, Stephen Miller, was interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. As a result, a new report suggests that Miller may be on his way out of the White House.

The reason Miller is suddenly being asked to tender his resignation? Simple: Turns out he was the “senior policy adviser” who had numerous communications with former Trump foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos, who lied to the FBI about his attempts to arrange meetings between senior Trump campaign officials and members of the Russian government.

The New York Times reported on Friday that Papadopoulos was in “regular contact” with Miller as he tried to set up meetings for campaign operatives and Russian officials, including a suggestion that he might be able to get Trump a meeting with Vladimir Putin to discuss U.S.-Russian relations if Trump was elected president. If this is true, Miller is too deeply involved to be allowed to remain in the West Wing.

Scott Dworkin, co-founder of the Democratic Coalition and a frequent guest on MSNBC, sent out a tantalizing tweet Friday which set off plenty of chatter in Washington power circles:

Now that Trump knows Miller has met with Mueller and is also connected to Papadopoulos, it seems unlikely that the president will be able to allow Miller to remain in the administration, if only because he could now be working on Mueller’s behalf in order to save himself from decades in prison.

It seems that each day brings us new and ever more disturbing revelations about members of the Trump team who were intimately involved in arranging meetings with Russian officials. That alone is proof of collusion, which is merely another word for conspiracy. And if Trump was also involved in that conspiracy, his remaining time in office could be very limited.

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WATCH Kellyanne Conway Have An On-Air Meltdown While Discussing Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump, along with members of the administration who go on television news shows to lie for him, are obsessed with Hillary Clinton. Even though it’s been almost a year since the election, Trump and his surrogates always bring up Clinton as a defense of their own nefarious actions.

Senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN Friday morning and was asked by host Alisyn Camerota about new revelations that Trump’s 2016 campaign tried to get Julian Assange of WikiLeaks to find and release Clinton’s emails which were deleted from a private server. Conway said the connection between data firm Cambridge Analytica and Assange was no big deal. That led Camerota to ask:

“Are you comfortable that the Trump campaign, through Cambridge Analytica, had a connection to WikiLeaks?”

Conway immediately began lying:

“They didn’t have a connection to WikiLeaks.”

Camerota reminded Conway that the Trump campaign had given $6 million to Cambridge Analytica, and then added:

“They reached out to help with the data.”

Already foundering, Conway tried to sweep the whole matter away:

“No, not to help with the data. It was something about releasing the e-mails. I was the campaign manager and I couldn’t be bothered with that.”

But Camerota was far from finished with Conway, noting that if Clinton ran such a terrible campaign and the Trump team was so confident, why did they feel a need to get Assange and WikiLeaks involved.

Clearly on the defensive, Conway blurted out:

“People are now writing about our discussion, and earlier in your broadcast, two commentators mentioned, ‘Oh, we just like to talk about Hillary.’ You’re still talking about Hillary! I’ll make you a deal — I’ll never say a word [about Hillary] again.”

The CNN host then attempted to move on to another topic, but Conway suddenly went back to Clinton again, commenting:

“She was the loser, so you have to keep talking about her.”

When Camerota reminded Conway she had just said she wasn’t going to “say another word” about Clinton, the rattled White House aide snapped:

“No, you brought her up!”

As the Bard noted in Hamlet:

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

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WH Press Secy. Says Comparing Niger To Benghazi Is ‘A Cheap Attempt’ To Taint Trump (VIDEO)

As more details become available about the ambush in Niger which led to the deaths of four American special forces troops, more questions are being asked about the U.S. mission in the African country and what may have contributed to the loss of those four brave soldiers.

There is also talk on Capitol Hill of Congressional hearings on the ambush, and comparisons are even being made to the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which killed the ambassador and three Marines. Could Niger be Donald Trump’s Benghazi? Not to hear Republicans and the White House tell it.

Last week, Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe (R) said that equating Niger with Benghazi is ridiculous:

“Every time I hear people compare this to Benghazi, it makes me physically sick.”

Of course, Inhofe’s feigned sickness would probably clear up immediately if the ambush had happened on President Obama’s watch or if he thought he could blame it on Hillary Clinton.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was a guest on Fox & Friends Tuesday, and she too said that the two incidents are in no way similar:

“Look, these are not comparable events. I know the Democrats want to make this a big negative attack piece against this president.”

Not comparable? Let’s take a closer look:

  • 4 Americans died in Benghazi; four Americans died in Niger
  • The details of the attack in Benghazi were murky; the details of the ambush in Niger remain unclear

And yet, Republicans were offended by what happened in Benghazi and demanded endless investigations which costalmost $7 million. But now they urge restraint when it comes to Niger.

Sanders went on to add this:

“But to try to compare the two is simply just a cheap attempt by the Democrats to try to taint this president.”

Apparently Ms. Sanders has forgotten that this president, who may well have committed treason with Russia, is already tainted. His personal behavior, his unchecked avarice, and his endless lies have left him with low poll numbers and the overall distrust of the nation. Donald Trump inflicted shame and dishonor on himself and the United States long before the attack in Niger ever took place.

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