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Adam Schiff Has The Absolute Best Response To Trump’s Claim Of ‘Total Authority’

At Monday’s Coronavirus Task Force press briefing, Donald Trump had a full-scale mental meltdown for the ages. He attacked the media for daring to report on his numerous mistakes since COVID-19 first arrived in the United States, launched personal insults at reporters, and then declared that he had the “ultimate authority” to decide if and when the nation is reopened.

Of course, Trump does not have any such dictatorial authority (though he almost certainly wants to), and the final decision of when each state will lift its stay-at-home order is the sole purview of the governors, as it should be.

But while Trump’s absurd remarks on “ultimate authority” were debated by experts on the Constitution, Rep. Adam SchIff (D-CA), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the lead manager at Trump’s impeachment, had what is so far the best response to the Madness of King Donald, and he made sure to post on Twitter, where the president would be unable to miss it:

Boom! Game, set, and match, Adam Schiff!

What makes Schiff’s words even more powerful is that he’s 100 percent accurate. Donald Trump is the most bumbling and incompetent man to ever hold the office of President of the United States. Sure, Gerald Ford may have fallen down more often, but at least Ford had a brain inside his skull.

Others also joined the discussion after reading Schiff’s tweet:

November 3 cannot get here soon enough.

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Viral Video Of ‘The Chosen One’ Answering Questions About The Bible Is Lighting Up The Internet

On Friday, right before he left the White House for the G-7 summit in France, Donald Trump proudly declared that he was “the Chosen One,” telling reporters:

“Somebody had to do it. I am the chosen one.”

Now, of course, Trump claims his remark was “sarcasm,” as if we’re expected to believe he actually knows the meaning of sarcasm.

Here’s a word Trump should indeed be familiar with, because it describes him to a tee: HYPOCRITE.

A video has resurfaced from 2015 in which Trump is repeatedly asked questions about the Bible, which you would think “the Chosen One” would have responses to. But as HuffPost notes:

“In the 2015 interview on Bloomberg Politics that Twitter user @Caring_Atheist shared online Wednesday, Trump (who’d earlier called the Bible his favorite book) appears reluctant to reveal his favorite verses.

“’Because to me that’s very personal,’ Trump sidesteps. ‘You know, when I talk about the Bible it’s very personal so I don’t want to get into verses. The Bible means a lot to me but I don’t want to get into specifics.

“When asked if he’s a bigger fan of the Old Testament or the New Testament, Trump says he’s ‘probably equal.’

“’I think it’s just incredible, the whole Bible is incredible,’ he added.”

For those of you playing at home, what Trump actually revealed is that he has never read the Bible. Never ever. He says it’s the greatest book ever written because that’s what he thinks evangelicals want to hear. And they love him for it because they too are hypocrites.

Let the mocking begin!

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Manbaby POTUS Was Rushed To The Golf Course To Keep Him From Tweeting

Donald Trump has been busy this Sunday, but not in a good way.

While most American presidents spend their weekends with family and friends, or even catching up on their reading, Trump spent most of the morning tapping away on his cell phone, sending out one tweet after another. Here’s a sampling:

Dude, why do you feel a need to keep making yourself look even guiltier than you already do? Can’t you stay off Twitter for a single day? Your every tweet provides more evidence for Robert Mueller. What an idiot.

Trump was so out of control and enraged that staffers finally decided to take him golfing if only to get him away from watching TV and tweeting in response. Maggie Haberman of The New York Times reported:

When in doubt, take the child to the nearest playground and let him hit things with clubs.

Meanwhile, back here in the real world, social media weighed in on Donnie’s need for diversion:

Here’s a suggestion for White House advisers: A straitjacket is just as good and hell of a lot less expensive for taxpayers.


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WATCH A GOP Strategist Call Donald Trump A Whiny High School Girl

Perhaps you’ve thought it more than once: President Trump acts like a spoiled child, especially when he’s on Twitter and he’s angry. He lashes out in a very juvenile fashion, unable to accept blame for mistakes he’s made or merely remain silent instead of digging the hole he’s in even deeper.

Republican strategist Evan Siegfried gave voice to those thoughts during an appearance on AM Joy Sunday morning. During a discussion of Trump’s continued criticism of local officials in Puerto Rico, where the administration has clearly dropped the ball, Siegfried commented:

“The president is isolated, impotent, and has an overblown sense of grievance. He feels he needs to be getting credit for things he shouldn’t be getting credit for because he has very few accomplishments. He is becoming isolated and congressional Republicans largely ignore him.”

Siegfried then added:

“He has no real legislative track record, he has only executive orders to show for what he’s done and he has a further divided nation.”

But the longtime GOP strategist laid Trump low by making a completely accurate comparison of the president to a teenage girl:

“At the same time when we look at what he was saying yesterday, it sounds like a valley girl. ‘Oh, my god, they’re ingrates, why don’t they appreciate me?’ We have a high school girl as president of the United States essentially, who is trying to make it all about him and his ego as opposed to the fact that 55 percent of the people in Puerto Rico don’t have drinkable water. Ninety percent don’t have cell service and only 5 percent have electric power. The optics are very bad and deservedly so, but it’s now all about how people don’t appreciate the very great things that are going on there.”

Yes, exactly! Donald Trump is pure ego and suffers from a malignant case of narcissism. Everything is about him, even when it clearly isn’t. He has such an inflated sense of self-importance that he demands worship and praise at all times.

But to be even more accurate, Donald Trump is not even as mature as a high schooler. He’s more like a 2-year-old brat who pouts and throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. No wonder the rest of the world is laughing at us.

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Trump Once Bragged About Not Helping A Man Who Was Bleeding To Death (AUDIO)

If there’s one thing we know conclusively about Donald Trump, it’s that he’s a narcissist. If something doesn’t impact him, he’s not interested in how it might potentially harm someone else. He lacks the capacity to care for anyone else but himself.

Back in 2008, during an interview with Howard Stern, Trump admitted what a self-obsessed douchebag he is, recalling a Red Cross charity ball that took place at Mar-a-Lago. An 80-year-old man fell and was badly injured. Did the future president do anything to help? Nope. As Trump told Stern:

“So what happens is, this guy falls off right on his face, hits his head and I thought he died. And you know what I did? I said, ‘Oh my god, that’s disgusting, and I turned away. I couldn’t, you know — he was right in front of me. I turned away, I didn’t want to touch him.

“He’s bleeding all over the place, I felt terrible, you know. Beautiful marble floor, it didn’t look so good. It changed color, it became very red, and you have this poor guy, 80 years old, laying on the floor, conscious, and all of the rich people are turning away, ‘Oh my god, this is terrible, this is disgusting,’ and, you know, they’re turning away, nobody wants to help the guy, and his wife is screaming, she sitting right next to him and she’s screaming.”

He could have at least called 911 or tried to comfort the wife, couldn’t he? But instead he just looked the other way and pretended nothing had happened.

Later in the interview, Trump added that some U.S. Marines happened to be at the party and they rushed to help the elderly man who was bleeding:

“So from the back of the room they come running forward, they grabbed him, they put the blood all over the place, it’s all over their uniforms, they’re taking it, they swipe — they ran him out, they created a stretcher — they call it a human stretcher, their arms out, like five guys on each side. They ran him out, I never saw it, they ran him out. I was saying, ‘Get that blood cleaned up, it’s disgusting.’”

Yeah, a man is about to die, but for God’s sake don’t bloody up the expensive marble floor.

As if that’s not bad enough, Trump also admitted that he didn’t check the next day to see how the man who fell was doing:

“I forgot to call, the next day I forgot to call to say, is he OK. He was OK, it’s just not my thing. I just don’t like looking at blood.

“I’m not good for medical. In other words, if you, like, cut your finger and there’s blood pouring out, I’m gone.”

Too bad Donald Trump can’t be impeached for being a total asshole.

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