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Mueller Probe Prosecutor: Escalating Financial Crime Case Against Trump Should Have Him Very Worried

On Tuesday, we learned that the office of Manhattan District Attorney had hired a forensic accounting firm to help with the growing financial fraud investigation being conducted into Donald Trump, members of his family, and the Trump Organization.

The purpose of hiring FTI Consulting, according to the Washington Post was “to look for anomalies among a variety of property deals, and to advise the district attorney on whether the president’s company manipulated the value of certain assets to obtain favorable interest rates and tax breaks.”

And that, Andrew Weissmann, a former prosecutor for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, signals that Trump has every reason to be worried.

Appearing on MSNBC Wednesday evening, Weissmann was asked by host Mehdi Hasan:

“What do you make about the news of Cyrus Vance hiring FTI Consulting? How big a deal is it? Should Trump be worried?”

Weissmann responded:

We don’t know yet whether in terms of the Manhattan district attorney’s office will make its case, but if there is something there, if there is a there there, then yes, you would be worried if you were Donald Trump, his family, and his companies. The forensic accountants that are reported to have been hired are true experts … in fact, I know them pretty well because not only do they have former FBI agents and analysts there, they have one of the lead forensic accountants that worked for the special counsel investigation is actually at FTI.”

Weismann then explained exactly what FTI would be looking for as they dig through Trump’s financial documents:

“They are really good at detecting fraud and following and tracing money, and particularly good at attribution. What I mean by that is if somebody sets up sort of offshore accounts, uses fake or sham names, they’re really good at tracing money flows so that they can attribute that money to a particular person. And the reason that’s important is if you’re not paying taxes on it and you can show that that’s income, then you can make a criminal case. And that’s exactly, for instance, what we did in the Paul Manafort case, which was we traced all of his bonds across the globe with the help of spectacular forensic accountant. So I suspect that’s exactly what Manhattan is going to try to do here.”

As Weissmann pointed out, the case against Paul Manafort was made with a deep dive into his finances, which showed offshore accounts and the money flowing into them, most of it from overseas accounts. Manafort was convicted of tax fraud, failing to disclose his foreign bank accounts, and two counts of bank fraud. Nearly the all of the evidence that helped convict him came from the same sort of documents Manhattan prosecutors are combing over in Trump’s case.

The walls are closing in on Donald Trump. And as of noon on January 20, he no longer has the presidency to protect him from being put and trial and convicted. That’s why he’s trying so desperately to have his Congressional allies overturn the 2020 election. But they will fail, and Trump will then be at the mercy of the courts. That’s not a good position to be in when you break the law as often as Trump allegedly has.

Here’s the video of Weissmann’s appearance on MSNBC:


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NY Prosecutor Hires Forensic Accounting Experts As The Criminal Case Against Trump Escalates

A very bad situation for Donald Trump, his business, and his family has just gotten much worse, the Washington Post reports, with the office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. hiring a forensic accounting firm to assist with the ongoing probe of Trump and the Trump Organization:

“Vance has contracted with FTI Consulting to look for anomalies among a variety of property deals, and to advise the district attorney on whether the president’s company manipulated the value of certain assets to obtain favorable interest rates and tax breaks, according to a person with knowledge of the investigation who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity because the matter remains highly sensitive. The probe is believed to encompass transactions spanning several years.”

FTI is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and and bills itself as providing “the industry’s most complete range of forensic, investigative, data analytic and litigation services.”

What might FTI be doing in connection with Vance’s team of investigators and prosecutors? Probably reviewing bank and mortgage records that have been obtained as part of a grand jury jury impaneled by Vance. FTI would likely be called on to testify to that grand jury regarding their findings.

The Vance investigation isn’t the only one that could place Trump is serious legal jeopardy. New York Attorney General Letitia James is also involved in a civil investigation of the Trump Organization and its business operations. In both cases Trump is suspected of having committed bank, insurance, and tax fraud.

One thing is certain: Donald Trump and his finances are about to be put under a microscope. And if any crimes were committed, the Donald could be in very big trouble.


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Investigation Of Trump’s Finances Is ‘Significantly Escalating’ As Bank Execs Meet With Prosecutors

Ever since it became clear that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump has likely been looking at the calendar each and every day and counting down the hours before he becomes a former president, lacking the immunity from prosecution he currently enjoys.

That immunity is all that matters to Trump now, and it’s why he’s fighting so hard to try and overturn the will of the voters with legal challenges, none of which have or will succeed.

What does Trump need immunity from? Today we learned that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. is “significantly escalating” his investigation of Trump’s finances, with the New York Times reporting:

“State prosecutors in Manhattan have interviewed several employees of President Trump’s bank and insurance broker in recent weeks, according to people with knowledge of the matter, significantly escalating an investigation into the president that he is powerless to stop.

“The interviews with people who work for the lender, Deutsche Bank, and the insurance brokerage, Aon, are the latest indication that once Mr. Trump leaves office, he still faces the potential threat of criminal charges that would be beyond the reach of federal pardons.”

Vance has also been busy getting Trump’s tax returns, with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling earlier this year that his office does indeed have a right to see the president’s financial documents to determine if he or his company have broken any laws:

“The investigation by Mr. Vance, a Democrat, has focused on Mr. Trump’s conduct as a private business owner and whether he or employees at his family business, the Trump Organization, committed financial crimes.”

This escalation by Vance is a very big problem for Trump, according to CNN White House reporter John Harwood, who noted Friday during an appearance on the network:

“We don’t know a lot of detail about this, but we’ve gotten outlines of what it may be about from Michael Cohen in his public testimony, in which he has said before Congress that President Trump had a pattern of lying about the value of his assets, inflating them, in order to either get good publicity or impress lenders, but lying on the downside, deflating them for the purpose of avoiding taxes and this appears to be what Cy Vance is investigating.”

Harwood then added something that should be of special concern to Trump because it’s his worst fear:

“This is in addition to the civil investigation that’s underway by the New York Attorney General Letitia James. All of this — again, we do know not if Cy Vance is ultimately going to bring charges — but I think this is one reason why all the talk about Trump potentially running in 2024 has gotten a little ahead of itself.

“Set aside that he is an overweight 74-year-old man. There is also a chance that he could be facing criminal prosecution after he leaves office and it is not beyond the realm of possibility that he could end up in jail.”

Jail is where Donald Trump belongs. And there’s a better than 50-50 chance that’s where he’s going to find himself in the near future.

Here’s the video of John Harwood from CNN:


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Turns Out Trump Doesn’t Owe $421 Million – It’s Actually $1 BILLION!

During his contentious and disastrous NBC town hall meeting on Thursday evening, President Donald Trump was asked by host Savannah Guthrie about a report from The New York Times that he owes $421 million to unknown creditors. Rather than actually respond directly, Trump said:

“What I’m saying is that it’s a tiny percentage of my net worth. . . . I don’t owe Russia money. I owe a very, very small . . . It’s called mortgages. People have a house, they put a mortgage.

“I don’t owe money to any of these sinister people. This has been going on for years now.”

A tiny percentage of his net worth? Well, that’s a GIANT lie, like almost everything Donald Trump says, because according to a new report from Forbes, the amount of debt Trump owes is actually more like a cool $1 billion!

“No aspect of Donald Trump’s business has been the subject of more speculation than his debt load. Lots of people believe the president owes $400 million, especially after Trump seemed to agree with that figure on national television Thursday night. In reality, however, he owes more than $1 billion. 

“The loans are spread out over more than a dozen different assets—hotels, buildings, mansions and golf courses. Most are listed on the financial disclosure report Trump files annually with the federal government. Two, which add up to an estimated $447 million, are not.”

Overall, Forbes reports, Trump owns properties and other assets that are valued at $3.6 billion. So if he owes $1 billion, that means one-fourth of those are leveraged. Owing that sort of money certainly doesn’t qualify as a “tiny percentage.”


Bottom line: Trump has been caught in yet another lie, and if he has nothing to hide, all he has to do is release his tax returns. Instead, he’s fighting to keep them from a grand jury in Manhattan. That alone suggests he has lots to hide.


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Eric Trump Has A Full-Scale Shouting Meltdown When Asked About His Daddy’s Shady Finances

Maybe you’ve noticed that whenever you ask a member of the Trump family about their business, finances, or taxes, they tend to immediately get defensive and try to change the subject. Why? Probably because they know there’s lots of skeletons in the closet and they don’t want any of their business dealings to see the light of day.

Such was the case with Eric Trump, the president’s son and executive vice president of the Trump Organization when he appeared on ABC’s “This Week” for an interview with host Jonathan Karl, who asked him about a New York Times article alleging that hundreds of people and entities patronized Trump properties before they later scored massive federal contracts and other favors from the administration:

“Lots of specifics in this story. You guys didn’t respond to The New York Times. Here’s your chance. What’s your response?”

Did Eric deny the allegations in the Times report? Nope. Instead, he got angry and began shouting as he claimed his family had lost huge sums of money since his father was elected:

“My response is, we’ve lost a fortune. My father’s lost a fortune running for president. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care. He wanted to do what was right. The last thing, I can tell you, Donald Trump needs in the world is this job. He wakes up in the morning and he has to fight you and he has to fight the media and he fights the Democrats and he gets punched in the head.”

Testy, testy, Eric. If things are so bad for you and your father, why doesn’t he resign and hand things over to Mike Pence? Then he could go back to whatever “business” he’s in these days.

Karl countered by again trying to get Eric to address the story which appeared in the Times:

“But will you address what The New York Times revealed in their investigation?All these companies and individuals who have spent money ― lots of money ― at Trump properties that have gone on to get big government contracts and other favors from the Trump administration. How is that not, at the very least, a huge appearance of a conflict of interest?”

Eric remained unwilling to discuss the specifics of the report, whining:

“We’re a hospitality company. We have tens of millions of people staying at our properties every single year. The New York Times is absolute fake news. All they wanna do is take down my father.”

Translation: Eric has no valid defense of what his dad has done because there’s no defense for outright criminal behavior and selling favors to the highest bidder while serving as head of state. Just like everyone in his family, he screams “fake news!” when he doesn’t like the dirt a reporter digs up and shares with the public.

Remember when Donald Trump said he was going to “drain the swamp?” All he did was redirect it so the greed and criminal acts could avoid the middleman and run directly through the Oval Office.