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Kevin McCarthy Claims Google ‘Tries To Control Our Thoughts’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said Sunday that he believes Google “tries to control our thoughts” with their search engine, which is used by more than 88% of Americans.

Appearing on the Fox News show “Sunday Morning Futures,” McCarthy was told by host Maria Bartiromo:

“The DOJ has asked Google to send them the people who search for certain phrases. And is Google participating in this? Tell me about that. This was very concerning when I understood what this was all about — that Google was actually going to provide phrases that we put in that search bar.”

Bartiromo seems to be referring to a report from Forbes that the Justice Department had asked Google to provide data on people who’d searched for the name or address of sexual assault victims. According to that article:

In 2019, federal investigators in Wisconsin were hunting men they believed had participated in the trafficking and sexual abuse of a minor. She had gone missing that year but had emerged claiming to have been kidnapped and sexually assaulted, according to a search warrant reviewed by Forbes. In an attempt to chase down the perpetrators, investigators turned to Google, asking the tech giant to provide information on anyone who had searched for the victim’s name, two spellings of her mother’s name and her address over 16 days across the year. After being asked to provide all relevant Google accounts and IP addresses of those who made the searches, Google responded with data in mid-2020, though the court documents do not reveal how many users had their data sent to the government.

That led McCarthy to remark:

“We know how Google tries to control our thoughts, and what we can read on the basis that 90% of any search inside the internet goes through Google. But now, the Biden administration’s government is asking Google to tell them whoever searches certain phrases.

“I just read about this this week. This is a real concern.”

What McCarthy failed to mention, however, is that anyone on the internet can use whatever search engine they choose. Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and dozens of other sites are also available, and since Republicans are so fond of saying that the “free market” should decide who wins and loses when it comes to competition, a person makes a decision whether or not he or she goes with Google.

Granted, there are legitimate privacy concerns that need to be addressed, but to suggest that Google is trying to control our thoughts is absolutely ridiculous.

Maybe one day Kevin McCarthy can have someone explain how to him how the internet works. Of course, he probably still wouldn’t understand.

Here’s the video from Fox News:

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High School Girl Flips Off Anti-Mask Protesters And Becomes An Internet Sensation

A high school girl in Vermont became an instant social media hero after she flipped anti-mask protesters off and a photo of her reaction spread like wildfire on social media.

The protesters have been outside the girl’s school — Champlain Valley Union High School — each morning recently, so Meagan Downey texted a message to her mother, Fiona, that read:


That uplifted middle finger was captured by Glenn Russell of the VT Digger:

Philip Lewis of HuffPost then tweeted out a screen capture of the photo, and it went viral in no time:

That was all it took for others to give Meagan a big pat on the back for the way she chose to disagree:

As a matter of fact, mom was indeed proud:

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Nikki Haley Gets Dealt A Giant Dose Of Internet Karma For Calling Trump A ‘Selfless’ Leader

When you hear the name Donald Trump, what words come to mind? Here’s a few that would be on most people’s list: Bully, braggart, thin-skinned, liar, narcissist, fake.

But do you ever associate the current president with the word “selfless”? Because that’s what former UN Ambassador and governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley called Trump when he canceled the 2020 Republican National Convention, which had been planed for Jacksonville, Florida.

However, with Florida now in the midst of a major spike of coronavirus cases, the writing was on the wall and the GOP convention had to be shelved, leading Haley to tweet out praise of Trump in a manner so sycophantic and ass-kissing that it wound up getting her pelted with scorn and mockery.

Here’s what Haley posted Friday:

Selfless leadership? What in the actual hell is that all about?!

As for “turning around” the economy and U.S. foreign policy, consider these facts:

  • 40-50 million Americans are currently without work as a direct result of how badly Trump has dealt with the pandemic
  • Up to 23 million Americans may soon be homeless now that the national eviction moratorium has expired
  • The United States is more isolated from its allies and threatened by its enemies than it has been for at least 50 years

If that’s “selfless leadership,” then the English language no longer has any meaning whatsoever.

What exactly is Nikki Haley up to? Is she angling to replace Mike Pence as vice president on the 2020 ticket? That’s been rumored for months now as Trump’s approval rating among female voters continues to tank.

Whatever her ulterior motive, Haley was hit hard on social media for her absurd tweet:

Whatever it is that Ms. Haley “wants” for her pathetic groveling, here’s hoping all she gets is a hand cramp from tweeting out such bullshit.

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Luddite GOP Congressman Says Of Online Privacy, ‘Nobody’s Got To Use The Internet’

If there’s one thing you can say about most Republicans, it’s that they have absolutely no problem saying incredibly ignorant things that make you question whether or not they made it past the second grade.

Such is the case with Wisconsin GOP Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner. At a town hall meeting in his district Thursday evening, Sensenbrenner was asked about his recent vote to repeal the Broadband Consumer Privacy Rules which were put in place last year by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Republicans did this, some say, as a sop to internet providers who showered them with large financial contributions. But Senesenbrenner said the reason he supported the bill is completely different:

“You know, nobody’s got to use the internet….I don’t think it’s my job to tell you that you cannot get advertising through your information being sold. My job, I think, is to tell you that you have the opportunity to do it and then you take it upon yourself to make the choice.”

Nobody’s got to use the internet? What is this, the freaking 18th century all a sudden? The internet is vital to nearly every job or job search in the United States. How are students supposed to complete class assignments if they don’t have access to the information available online?

Rather than qualify what had said, Congressman Senesenbrenner’s office chose to double down when contacted for clarification, again stating:

“Actually, he said that nobody has to use the internet. They have a choice.”

And Sensenbrenner doesn’t have to stuff his fat face with so much food that he looks like a damn walrus; he chooses to.

Here’s an idea: Let’s cut off Sensenbrenner’s internet access at his office and see how much work he and his staff are able to get done.

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Notice Your Internet Service Has Been Slower Lately? You Can Thank Your ISP

Net neutrality has been a big issue in recent months, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued new rules aimed at assuring all data is treated equally and to prevent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from holding data speeds hostage.

But a study released by BattlefortheNet concludes that the major internet access providers in the nation–AT&T, Time Warner, Comcast, and Verizon–are indeed slowing down data in dozens of cities across the United States, which affects 75 percent of all internet users in the country.

Tim Karr of Free Press, one of the groups that comprises BattlefortheNet, remarked:

“For too long, internet access providers and their lobbyists have characterized net neutrality protections as a solution in search of a problem. Data compiled using the Internet Health Test show us otherwise – that there is widespread and systemic abuse across the network. The irony is that this trove of evidence is becoming public just as many in Congress are trying to strip away the open internet protections that would prevent such bad behavior.”

And yet these same companies are seeking to get even bigger, which would leave customers with fewer options when it comes to who provides them access to the World Wide Web. AT&T recently announced plans to merge with DirecTV. Charter Communications has also filed notice of a plan to acquire Time Warner in a deal valued at $55 billion.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has not been shy in his criticism of these megamergers which will create even larger telecom behemoths, commenting:

“History proves that absent competition a predominant position in the market such as yours creates economic incentives to use that market power to protect your traditional business in a way that is ultimately harmful to consumers.”

So if you’ve noticed that your internet connection has gotten logy at times lately, and you have a major ISP as your access point,  you now know who you can thank for that. And if the telecom giants have their way, you’ll have even fewer choices in the years ahead.

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