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Stephen Miller Proudly Brags He’s Suing The Biden Administration To Protect White People

Now that his personal Lord and Savior, Donald Trump, is no longer in the White House, former presidential adviser Stephen Miller is struggling to remain relevant until some right-wing network or website hires him to once again get paid for spewing hatred and bigotry.

Instead, Miller is filing lawsuits and then appearing on Fox News so he can announce they’ve been filed. That’s what he’s now engaged in to pass the time and perpetuate his patented message of xenophobia and racism.

On Sunday, Miller joined Maria Bartiromo to let the world know that he’s filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration because they’re daring to make sure that black farmers are treated equitably with their white counterparts.

Translation: Miller is suing to protect white people from being discriminated against.

At issue is $5 billion allocated to minority farmers who were denied funding under the Trump administration, according to The Independent:

“The $5bn is intended to help socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers with loan forgiveness. Qualifying recipients include Black, Hispanic, Native American, Alaskan native, Asian-American and Pacific Islander farmers and ranchers, but not white farmers and ranchers.

“White farmers and ranchers have long been the recipients of substantial federal subsidies that make it possible for farms to operate and keep food prices relatively inexpensive.”

That $5 billion for farmers of color cannot be allowed to stand, Miller proclaimed:

“We filed two lawsuits. One lawsuit to ensure that farm aid is delivered irrespective of one’s race and ethnicity.

“The Biden administration has specifically excluded people solely based on skin color. That’s outrageous.”

Miller’s other lawsuit against the Biden administration deals with immigration, which Miller tried to restrict as much as possible when Trump was in office. He explained it this way:

“Imagine you were living in an apartment building and a new landlord came in and he ripped off all the doors, he ripped out all the windows and he said that any lawbreaker, any trespasser, any vandal, anyone — even criminal — who wants to come into your building and your unit is free to do so. That is what President Biden has done to the country.”

That’s complete and utter bullshit. President Biden is doing no such thing, but since when have Republicans ever put truth and facts ahead ahead of propaganda?

Miller’s lawsuits will fail. They’ll be dismissed with prejudice and laughed out of court. But at least Miller can claim he’s a vanguard of the GOP and remind right-wingers what a heartless douche he is.

Stephen Miller — just like his former boss — is a cancer on the United States.

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Former White House Aide Stephen Miller May Face Criminal Charges For Human Rights Abuses

During the four years of the Trump administration, Stephen Miller was one of failed, one-term former President Donald Trump’s closest and most influential advisers, especially on the issue of immigration, where he urged Trump to separate immigrant children from their parents and place them into internment camps reminiscent of the horrors inflicted upon Japanese Americans during the Second World War.

But if one member of Congress has her way, Miller will soon be facing charges of violating the human rights of thousands of people.

The Hill reports:

A House Democrat on Wednesday called for former Trump White House adviser Stephen Miller to be jailed, citing what she called ‘human rights violations’ at the southern border.

“Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-Texas), who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, said on The Intercept’s ‘Deconstructed’ podcast that Miller should be “behind bars” for his role in the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance border policy.

“I think he committed heinous human rights violations, and I think that those around him [who] helped plot this out should be held accountable, as well.”

And while Rep. Escobar will no doubt have plenty of Democratic colleagues who also believe Miller should indeed be locked up for the things he did to immigrants seeking asylum in the United States, she acknowledges that it will be a challenge to get the former White House adviser formally charged for his crimes against humanity:

“That is going to be very difficult, but it kills me that these people could potentially walk away and even potentially rebuild their reputations. I find them to be just among the most reprehensible, abhorrent people that our generation could have ever produced.”  

The House Judiciary Committee is currently taking a long look at the way the Trump administration dealt the issue of immigration, including the incarceration of toddlers in horrific conditions: Forced to sleep on cement floors, denied essentials such as soap and toothpaste, and treated like criminals.

For his part, Miller just formed a new legal nonprofit organization he calls America First Legal, which he claims is aimed at “resisting the radical left’s agenda.”

Sounds just like something a neo-fascist would say, doesn’t it?


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Bartiromo And Miller Whine: Making It Easier To Vote Will Put Democrats In Charge ‘Forever’

Republicans are terrified of the American electorate because they know that if people go to the polls in record numbers the way they did in the 2020 election, the GOP loses.

The majority of Americans either lean Democratic or progressive, and that means conservatives can see that the GOP’s days as a viable political party are numbered.

Proof of that was given by Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo and former Trump administration aide Stephen Miller, both of whom bemoaned the fact that Democrats control the House, Senate, and White House.

The only solution, according to Miller is that Republicans need to pass legislation that protects Christians and conservatives on social media, which led Bartiromo to remark:

“Yeah, will Republicans have the chance? That’s the whole point of H.R. 1, Nancy Pelosi wanting to put this bill through so that Democrats are in charge forever or certainly decades. Your thoughts on election integrity and that Democrat [sic] H.R. 1 bill.”

Miller then chimed in:

“It’s a real sign of the threat to the health of our democracy. When democracy faces risk, when democracy is imperiled, what you see happening instead is the party in power tries to change the rules of the game structurally to stay in power.”

Hmm…is that anything like Donald Trump and his Republican co-conspirators trying to stay in power by overturning the results of an election and having their supporters storm the U.S. Capitol and kill members of the Capitol Police Force?

Miller then added:

“H.R. 1 is saying, now that we’re in power, let’s fundamentally change the rules of how elections are conducted to stay in power.”

Actually, H.R. 1 says that no state should be allowed to make it harder for registered voters to cast a ballot. Or to randomly close polling locations. Or, for that matter, to enact obstacles to voting for the purpose of disenfranchising people of color or the economically disadvantaged.

Bartiromo gasped:


But Miller was far from finished lying:

“That’s a very scary thing. And so if you care about democracy, you should all say with one voice, no, it is the right of every state in this union to set their own election rules as desired by their own citizens to protect the security and integrity of their own elections. That’s fundamental!”

Every state should be allowed to set their own for national elections such as the presidential one we hold every four years. That’s not fundamental; that’s bullshit!

Republicans are the ones who want to stack the deck so they can continue to cheat at elections. It’s the only way they can win. They’re devoid of ideas or cogent policies, so they whine and try to bar people from voting. That’s un-American and antithetical to democracy.

Maria Bartiromo and Stephen Miller aren’t interested in democratic ideals. They’re far too busy trying to impose their brand of fascism on everyone.

Here’s the video:

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Stephen Miller Gets Hit With Massive Internet Karma When He Attempts To Troll Joe Biden

One of the best things about getting rid of Donald Trump is that we also gave the Democratic boot to his evil henchman/adviser, Stephen Miller, architect of the policy which separated migrant children from the parents and then placed them into modern-day concentration camps.

As Miller has proven on numerous occasions, he’s pure evil. He’s a true believer that might makes right and anyone who isn’t an American has no rights whatsoever. While he may well be Jewish, Miller’s the equivalent of a dutiful Gestapo officer in the Third Reich: He follows all orders, no matter how cruel or inhumane.

On Wednesday, shortly after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were inaugurated and Donald Trump was kicked to the curb, Miller fired off this tweet:

As former FBI agent Asha Rangappa pointed out to Miller, most of the terrorism Americans have faced during his time as a White House aide has been homegrown:

And then others joined the internet beating, letting Miller know that he’s not fit to be walking free among decent people:

Bye, Stephen. If there’s any justice in the world, no one will ever hire you again.


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WATCH: Lou Dobbs Screams At Stephen Miller For Making Trump ‘Fight Alone’

As big of a blowhard and jerk as Fox Business host Lou Dobbs is, what he did Monday to White House adviser Stephen Miller was actually fun to watch, if only because Miller got the dressing down he so richly deserves for being a douchebag.

Discussing the failed legal challenges to the 2020 election with Miller, Dobbs angrily declared:

“The president warns for months and months and months about mail-in ballots and the potential for fraud, and the Republicans do nothing, Stephen. Nothing. What’s wrong with the Republican party?!”

The smarmy Miller gladly agreed:

“Where is the outrage?”

That led Dobbs to go on an extended rant:

“The reality is that this president right now is fighting — and let’s be straightforward about it — he’s fighting all alone. And Ted Cruz has stepped up to say he’ll argue before the Supreme Court. Why on God’s green Earth wouldn’t the White House jump on it?”

But when Miller started to talk about state legislatures and the role they could play in overturning the will of the voters, Dobbs would have none of it, and he flat-out attacked Miller verbally:

“No, no, Stephen. I’m not going to let you do this! I’m not going to let you do that!… I asked a question. You and I, we’re reasonably smart and decent fellows. Why don’t you answer me? That’s all I’m asking here, Stephen. Why don’t you guys jump and salute Ted Cruz and say, yes, we want you on the team now? My God, this is not a time for internecine nonsense on the part of the Republican party which is watching its blood drain into the streets because they’re gutless!”

Of course, the Republicans have been gutless for the last four years, unwilling to criticize Trump when he breaks the law or acts like a dictator. But now they’re refusing to follow Donald off the cliff into the dustbin of history, and Dobbs is furious. The poor bastard is so lacking in self-awareness that he can’t even realize Trump enablers like him (and Miller) have been the problem all along and very nearly destroyed this country.