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‘Kraken’ Attorney Sidney Powell Compares Herself To Civil Rights Champions Of The 1960s

In a Michigan federal court on Monday, U.S. District Court Judge Linda V. Parker began hearing testimony to determine if Sidney Powell — the pro-Trump attorney who vowed to release the mythical “Kraken” and prove the 2020 election had been stolen from former President Donald Trump — should face sanctions for the lies she told in filings she made as part of litigation to have President Joe Biden’s victory overturned.

At one point, Judge Parker asked Powell and other attorneys who also filed suit to have the election results invalidated whether they had any legal basis to ask for a decertification of the vote, according to The Washington Post:

“Parker quizzed the lawyers about whether there is any legal basis to ask a judge to decertify an election and name a new winner. And she spent hours asking the attorneys to explain how closely they had reviewed and vetted information submitted in hundreds of pages of sworn declarations that they had told the court constituted evidence of purported fraud and irregularities.

“The judge noted that one observer stated in an affidavit that she believed she saw election workers switching votes from Trump to Biden. Parker asked whether any of the lawyers had spoken to the witness and inquired what exactly she saw that led her to believe that votes had been switched. She was greeted with silence.”

Powell and other attorneys who filed suit after the election are facing financial penalties and could also be disbarred, meaning they could never practice law again.

Despite the gravity of the situation facing Powell, she used her closing statement to try and equate herself with pro-civil rights attorneys, remarking:

“It is the duty of lawyers of the highest tradition of the practice law to raise difficult and even unpopular issues. The fact that there may have been adverse precedent against us does not change that fact. Were that true, there would not have been a decision called Brown v. Board of Education. We have practiced law with the highest standards. We would file the same complaints again.”

One big difference that Powell neglected to mention: The attorneys working on Brown v. Board of Education were doing so to guarantee equal rights to call Americans, including the right to vote. Powell, on the other hand, was trying to disenfranchise millions of voters, and many of then were people of color.

For her Monday statement alone, Sidney Powell deserves to be disbarred and run out of town on a rail.

Donald Trump Elections

Pro-Trump Attorneys Facing The End Of Their Legal Careers For Lying In Election Lawsuits

Two attorneys who repeatedly signed on to lawsuits claiming fake election fraud in the 2020 election in an effort to overturn the will of the voters could soon be looking for new careers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are facing disbarment and the loss of their license to practice law following a complaint by attorneys for the city of Detroit who requested a formal reprimand against the two pro-Trump lawyers and a referral for disbarment and significant financial penalties.

“Lawyers can’t just say stuff,” said Tyler Maulsby, an expert on legal ethics and professional responsibility. “By signing your name to this pleading, you are saying you have concluded, based on your legal training, that there is some basis you can prove in discovery.”

Powell and Wood eagerly sued the state of Michigan on behalf of a small number of voters in the state, alleging that state election officials had manipulated software used to calculate ballots. They claimed the software had been made in foreign countries. The suit was rejected in federal court.

“The extent of the factual and legal errors in this complaint would warrant sanctions under any circumstances,” wrote Detroit’s lawyer, David Fink, to U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker, “but here the court’s processes are being perverted to undermine our democracy and to upset the peaceful transfer of power.”

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has indicated she may also seek severe sanctions against lawyers who filed bogus election suits against the Wolverine State.

How sweet it would be to see all of these harebrained attorneys who wanted to steal an election from the voters unable to make a buck in the legal field. Maybe they can get gigs spinning conspiracy theories on Fox News.


Donald Trump Elections

Trump Attorney Sidney Powell Hit With Massive $1.3 Billion Defamation Suit For Lying About Election Fraud

One of the main attorneys involved in efforts to have the 2020 election declared invalid and Donald Trump named the winner by default has just been hit with an enormous defamation suit that could potentially leave her flat broke, the Washington Post reports:

“Dominion Voting Systems on Friday filed a defamation lawsuit against lawyer Sidney Powell, demanding more than $1.3 billion in damages for havoc it says Powell has caused by spreading ‘wild’ and ‘demonstrably false’ allegations, including that Dominion played a central role in a fantastical scheme to steal the 2020 election from President Trump.

“For weeks, Powell has claimed that Dominion was established with communist money in Venezuela to enable ballot-stuffing and other vote manipulation, and that those abilities were harnessed to rig the election for former vice president Joe Biden.”

The massive 124-page filing was made in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia and in it Dominion claims that its reputation and overall value has been damaged by “viral disinformation campaign” that Powell mounted “to financially enrich herself, to raise her public profile, and to ingratiate herself to Donald Trump.”

Dominion CEO John Poulos told the Post:

“We feel that it’s important for the entire electoral process. The allegations, I know they were lobbed against us . . . but the impacts go so far beyond us.”

Another impact of Powell’s smear campaign was the human one, which directly caused harm to Dominion employees:

“As Powell’s accusations about Dominion spread after the election, the company’s employees were stalked, harassed and received death threats via email, text and phone: ‘we are already watching you,’ read a text message to one Dominion employee, according to the complaint. ‘Come clean and you will live.'”

Looks like karma may finally be catching up with Trump and his minions. They sure as hell deserve it.