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Scotland Wants To Take A Look At Trump’s Shady Finances And Possible Criminal Behavior

While we know that Donald Trump and the Trump Organization are currently under investigation in New York by Attorney General Letita James and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr,. it appears that Scotland is about to open their criminal investigation into Trump’s business dealings, according to The Scotsman:

“An opposition debate in the Scottish Parliament will set out the arguments for ministers to apply to the Court of Session and act on growing concerns over how the former US president’s holdings in Scotland were acquired. While the issue has been discussed three times at Holyrood in the past 12 months, the coming debate is significant. A vote by MSPs calling on ministers to seek an UWO would not be binding, but it would substantially increase pressure on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to act in line with Holyrood’s will.”

Specifically, some in the Scottish government are interested in determining if Trump has laundered money in the country:

“The Scotsman revealed last month how Aidan O’Neill QC, one of Scotland’s leading advocates, said Scottish ministers alone had responsibility for pursuing one of the so-called ‘McMafia’ orders, a legal mechanism designed to target suspected corrupt foreign officials who have potentially laundered stolen money through the UK.”

Potentially, if it were determined that Trump did indeed launder money, he could not only be criminally charged but also see his assets in Scotland seized as having been obtained through illegal means. That would mean Trump’s multimillion dollar investment in the Turnberry golf club would be wiped away, seized by the government.

Patrick Harvie, co-convenor of the Scottish Greens, noted:

“The Scottish Government has tried to avoid the question of investigating Donald Trump’s wealth for far too long. There are serious concerns about how he financed the cash purchases of his Scottish golf courses, but no investigation has ever taken place.”

If it can be proven that Turnberry has been supported by illegal means, that might be the first step in a house of cards that would eventually bring the Trump Organization down and lead to a complete financial collapse that would leave the former president penniless.

Everything is falling apart for Donald Trump, and he can no longer hide behind the presidency to protect himself.