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Jim Jordan Tries To Explain Why Republicans Don’t Trust Science And Utterly Humiliates Himself

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) loves to try and be the biggest asshole in Congress, and he often succeeds. But a tweet he sent out did nothing more than prove exactly why he needs to delete his account and take a vow of silence.

The COVID pandemic continues to wreak havoc in states such as Alabama, Florida, and Texas, where large numbers of the population remain unvaccinated and refuse to wear protective masks. As President Joe Biden has noted, we are now seeing a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Rather than trust science and get vaccinated or even welcome vaccine mandates so the country can finally reach herd immunity and stop filling up hospital wards, Republicans are trying to prove just how obstinate they can be, vowing to go to court to prevent Biden from implementing any mandates.

That’s where Jordan enters the picture. He has long been antagonistic to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who serves as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and is also the Chief Medical Advisor to the President.

Back in April, Jordan yelled at Dr. Fauci during a House committee hearing:

And now today we have this absurd tweet from Jimbo:

Within two hours, there were over 1,000 responses to Jordan’s tweet, and boy did they have some choice words for the Ohio congressman:


Climate Change

Trump Advisor Says Not To Worry About Climate Change: ‘Ivanka’s Working On This Issue’ (VIDEO)

First we had President-elect Trump appointing a well-known opponent of environmental regulation to head the EPA. Then Trump announced Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson would be Secretary of State. And as if that wasn’t more than enough, yesterday it was announced that former Texas Governor Rick Perry will be the nominee to head the Department of Energy, an agency he once advocated eliminating. But a senior advisor to Trump said this morning there’s no need to worry about climate change or the environment.

Anthony Scaramucci was being interviewed by Chris Cuomo on CNN Wednesday morning when Scaramucci commented:

“Look, I know the current president believes that the human beings are affecting the climate. There are scientists that believe that that’s not happening.”

That led Cuomo to retort:

“The overwhelming consensus is that man’s actions have an impact on climate.”

Scaramucci brought logical debate to a grinding halt by responding:

“Chris, there was an overwhelming science that the earth was flat. We were the center of the world. 100%. You know, we did a lot of things wrong in the scientific community. You and I both know that. I’m not suggesting that we’re affecting the change. I honestly don’t know, I’m not a scientist.”

Cuomo attempted to get the discussion back on solid footing by again reminding Scaramucci that all available scientific data proves that climate change is indeed real. Once more, the Trump advisor proved just how utterly clueless he was by declaring:

“I just told you that we met with Leo DiCaprio last week, and we met with Vice President Al Gore. As you just mentioned, Ivanka is working on this issue. The president-elect is a very common sense oriented guy and basically what he said is if we reduce carbon emissions, the air is going to get cleaner.”

Ivanka Trump is working on the issue? The same Ivanka Trump who knows diddly shit about science and is an expert on women’s shoes is now in charge of climate change for the United States? Dear God, we are even more deeply screwed than was ever thought possible!

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