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MTG Says She’ll NEVER Wear A Mask – And Then Gets Busted Wearing One

Ever since she arrived in Congress, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has made it clear there are certain things she’s adamantly opposed to:

  • Facts
  • Common Sense
  • Science
  • Mask Mandates

Greene is such an extremist on precautions to stop the spread of COVID that she’s refused to wear a protective mask in the House of Representatives despite the fact that her failure to do so has already cost her some $60,000 in fines, which is nearly half of her annual congressional salary.

The Georgia congresswoman is so delighted with her own recalcitrance that she recently told Newsmax:

“She’s [Pelosi] fined me over $60,500 in mask fines. I refuse to wear a mask. And Chris, I have to tell you something else, I’m not vaccinated.

“And I will be standing strong, standing up for the people across this country that refuse to get vaccinated.”

That’s an incredibly ignorant and selfish stance to take, but that’s not surprising when you consider that she’s a Trumpublican who thinks the world revolves around her.

However, it turns out that Ms. Greene is a complete hypocrite when it comes to the idea of wearing a mask, because she was just caught doing exactly that at an airport as she waited in line:

Whoa! Wait a damn minute! Why in the hell isn’t Marj causing a ruckus at the airport and demanding that she be allowed to travel maskless? Probably because she knows she’d be refused service, escorted from the building, and told not to return until she complied with the mask regulation.

If there was any justice in this would, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House would also insist that either the congresswoman put on a mask or immediately be removed from the premises. After all, a rule is a rule, and haven’t Republicans told us for decades that they’re the party of “law and order”?

Twitter users had a few choice words for the fact-free hick from the Peach State:

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Madison Cawthorn Gets Brutally Fact-Checked For Saying Mask Mandates Lead Kids To Commit Suicide

It’s hard to decide exactly which member of the freshman GOP house class is the most ridiculous and clueless.

Is it Lauren Boebert of Colorado, who has called for the church to decide what the government does? Or would the dubious honor go Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene, who said Jewish space lasers were the cause of wildfires in California?

Based on what Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) said recently at a school board meeting, Boebert and Greene have some serious competition when it comes to spewing bullshit and conspiracy theories.

According to Cawthorn, a hospital in North Carolina recently reported a 255% spike in suicide deaths among children during the COVID pandemic. Passing mask mandates could lead even more children to try and take their own lives:

“You can see what the World Health Organization was saying, you know, putting masks on children does have some mental problem — it increases depression. You know, we saw death and suicide rates are up 255% in one study that a hospital did in America because they’re starting to see that people are really feeling disconnected from that social interaction.”

However, Congressman Cawthorn got several major facts incorrect, according to WRAL reporter Paul Specht:

We asked his office that. We said, where are you getting these numbers?And they sent us a link to an NPR story. And it’s titled Child Psychiatrists Warn That The Pandemic May Be Driving Up Kids’ Suicide Risk. And it’s from back in February. Cawthorn’s office pulled out a line and it talked about suicide attempts among young people at one hospital in Indianapolis … But if you look at the year-to-year numbers — all of 2019 to all of 2020 — the hospital reported a rise that was much lower. In fact, a hospital spokesman told us they saw a 51% increase over the year starting in March 2020 to March 2021.

We could not find any evidence that those numbers at that hospital in particular were in any way related to mask policies at schools.

Republicans know they don’t have the facts or science on their side, so they just make shit up and pretend it’s true. And many of their voters believe every word of what they say! It’s cultish behavior and it’s killing people.

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High School Girl Flips Off Anti-Mask Protesters And Becomes An Internet Sensation

A high school girl in Vermont became an instant social media hero after she flipped anti-mask protesters off and a photo of her reaction spread like wildfire on social media.

The protesters have been outside the girl’s school — Champlain Valley Union High School — each morning recently, so Meagan Downey texted a message to her mother, Fiona, that read:


That uplifted middle finger was captured by Glenn Russell of the VT Digger:

Philip Lewis of HuffPost then tweeted out a screen capture of the photo, and it went viral in no time:

That was all it took for others to give Meagan a big pat on the back for the way she chose to disagree:

As a matter of fact, mom was indeed proud:

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Scamvangelist Jim Bakker Declares That God Can’t Hear Your Prayers If You’re Wearing A Mask

Scamvangelist Jim Bakker has a warning for all Christians: If you pray while you’re wearing a protective mask to prevent contracting COVID-19, God won’t be able to hear your prayer.

What in the actual hell?!

Yep, the man who allegedly raped Jessica Hahn and later served time in prison for bilking millions from his flock of demented human sheep wants us to believe that the Almighty God — whom Bakker claims can do ANYTHING and created EVERYTHING in the universe — is hard of hearing.

Apparently, there are no hearing aids in heaven.

Patheos reports:

“Saying he’s refused any government mandates that require mask usage, the huckster also claimed masks as part of a government plot to suppress Christianity.”

“How can you go to church and pray when you’re wearing a mask? Do you think God can hear your prayers through a mask?”

Wow! That really limits God, doesn’t it? It’s a wonder he can manage to make the sun rise in the morning and and set in the evening if he can’t hear through a piece of cloth.

This is also the very same Jim Bakker who was sued by the state of Missouri for peddling a fake cure for COVID, NPR reported back in March of last year:

Bakker and Morningside Church Productions have violated Missouri law by “falsely promising to consumers that Silver Solution can cure, eliminate, kill or deactivate coronavirus and/or boost elderly consumers’ immune system and help keep them healthy when there is, in fact, no vaccine, pill, potion or other product available to treat or cure coronavirus disease 2019,” the Missouri Attorney General’s Office wrote in its application for a temporary restraining order. Bakker and his company are based in the state.

Of course, Bakker was quickly called out for his bullshit, and the results were hilarious:

Dear God, Jim Bakker is a gigantic piece of shit, isn’t he?


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Marco Rubio Gets Excoriated For Saying Americans Need To Get Over Their ‘Mask Fetish’

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) has never been to medical school, but he’s making videos and posting them on social media telling the American public they need to get over what he calls their “mask fetish” and live their lives, even if they get sick as a result.

Along with the video, (posted below) Rubio wrote this:

“Stop with the mask fetish. If you want to wear a mask as a courtesy to those around you or because you are in no mood to get even a little sick go ahead. If you want your kids to mask in school that’s your right. But we aren’t going to mask our way out of this.”

In the video itself, Rubio insists that not wearing a mask at a time when new COVID variants are floating around and infecting thousands each day is the price we have to pay for a return to normal:

“So what does common sense tell you? It tells you if you’re vaccinated, you’re probably not going to get COVID, but if you do, you’re not going to get very sick. If you’re not vaccinated, you’re probably going to get COVID eventually, and when you do, it might be nothing, it might be really bad, and you might end up in the hospital. That’s the facts, and you present that to people, and you talk to people as adults, as grown-ups. You present this information and you allow people in a free country to make the best decisions for themselves and for their families. … But instead, the CDC and a lot of other people spent the first few days here arguing about masks. Who are we going to strap masks on now? How are we going to force masks on people?”

But what if we don’t want to get sick at all and also want to protect our families, Marco? Are we allowed to wear a mask then? Or would you and your GOP colleagues now like to pass legislation saying we can’t wear a mask even if we want to? That’s essentially what the boneheaded governor of your state, Ron DeSantis, has done, telling school systems that if they have a mask mandate, there’s a chance the state of Florida will pull their funding:

“A news release from Governor DeSantis’ office said executive order 21-175 was issued ‘in response to several Florida school boards considering or implementing mask mandates in their schools after the Biden Administration issued unscientific and inconsistent recommendations that school-aged children wear masks.’

“It adds that this was done ‘to protect parents’ freedom to choose whether their children wear masks.’

“The order states that if the State Board of Education finds a school district board unwilling or unable to comply, it is able to withhold the transfer of state funds, discretionary grant funds or discretionary lottery funds.

“The board can also declare a school ineligible for competitive grants if the district doesn’t comply.”

So much for letting people choose what they want to do, huh? If they’re going to lose money they need to educate their students, what system can afford to look out for the safety of the kids they’re caring for?

Twitter users were quick to lash out at Rubio, branding him a “death cult leader.”