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Law Professor: Trump’s Pardon Of Manafort Will Come Back To Bite The Donald

On Wednesday evening, President Donald Trump pardoned 26 more convicted criminals, including his 2106 campaign manager, Paul Manafort, who was convicted on eight counts of bank and tax fraud in August of 2018, but the Donald may well have screwed himself legally by giving Manafort a pass, according to New York University School of Law professor Ryan Goodman.

Goodman appeared on CNN Thursday morning and noted that the Mueller Report specifically mentions that the president’s attorneys make it clear to Manafort that if he refused to cooperate with Mueller’s investigators, he would receive a pardon:

“The Mueller report specifically says that Manafort told his deputy, Rick Gates, that Manafort had spoken with Trump’s personal attorney, and it would be stupid to plea and they should sit tight, because, quote, ‘We’ll be taken care of.’ The Mueller team concludes that this met all of the elements and did succeed in Manafort failing to cooperate and maintaining his silence.”

In other words, if Trump gave Manafort a pardon as a reward for obstructing justice, the soon-to-be ex-POTUS could potentially be in very big trouble:

“If a pardon is part of a crime, then most experts would agree that, in fact, the president could be criminally prosecuted for it. Just imagine a president exchanged a pardon for a bribe. Well, most experts agree that the president could then be prosecuted for bribery.”

Whoever winds up being President-elect Joe Biden’s attorney general needs to take a close look at Trump’s pardons and prosecute him if any of them were illegal.

Lock Trump up!

Here’s the video of Professor Goodman from CNN:

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Matt Gaetz Engages In The Ultimate Self-Own By Accidentally Admitting Trump Obstructed Justice

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) — aka Budweiser Boy — is always eager to defend his political savior, President Donald Trump, but his latest effort to do so didn’t go the way he planned.

Gaetz posted this on Twitter Monday morning:

Wow! Reading that tweet a second time, it quickly becomes clear that Gaetz just admitted Trump did indeed obstruct justice. Of course, most of us have known that for some time now. But for one the president’s biggest cheerleaders to let that slip is one hell of a major development.

It didn’t take long before Gaetz was getting mercilessly mocked on social media, and all that was required was quoting him:

Poor little Matty! He desperately wants to be Trump’s #1 ass monkey, but Bill Barr already has that job locked down.

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Attorney General Barr Just Got Caught Obstructing Justice In Plain Sight

It’s been a strange, even surreal day at the Department of Justice, and Attorney General William Barr has made it clear that he’s completely out of control.

On Monday, the DOJ filed a sentencing memo requesting that former Trump confidante Roger Stone be put in prison for seven to nine years for lying to Congress and tampering with a witness. The memo reads in part:

“Roger Stone obstructed Congress’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, lied under oath, and tampered with a witness. And when his crimes were revealed by the indictment in this case, he displayed contempt for this Court and the rule of law.”

That sent President Donald Trump into an enraged tweetstorm Tuesday morning, as he fired off a posting saying how unfair putting Stone in prison for nearly a decade would be:

A few hours later, the Justice Department reversed itself, saying it would not seek such a long sentence for Stone:

“A senior Justice Department official said the department ‘was shocked to see the sentencing recommendation in the Roger Stone case last night.’

“’That recommendation is not what had been briefed to the department,’ the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive case. ‘The department finds the recommendation extreme and excessive and disproportionate to Stone’s offenses. The department will clarify its position later today.'”

Shortly thereafter, all four prosecutors on the Stone case abruptly resigned.

So what exactly is going on? Well, it appears that AG Barr is acting at the behest of Trump, which is something he isn’t supposed to do, since the DOJ is supposed to be an independent agency, not subservient to the president. But Barr seems to think that his primary job is to protect Trump and his cronies, no matter what laws they break.

Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr.(D-NJ) said Barr’s actions constituted “obstruction of justice,” adding:

“We are seeing a full-frontal assault on the rule of law in America. Direct political interference in our justice system is a hallmark of a banana republic. Despite whatever Trump, William Barr, and their helpers think, the United States is a nation of laws and not an authoritarian’s paradise.”

William Barr is a clear and present danger to the United States and the rule of law. He needs to be impeached, even if the Senate refuses to remove him from his post. The nation needs to hear exactly what Barr is doing to shred the Constitution.

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Senator Predicts Comey’s Memos Will Be Used To Prosecute Trump After He Leaves Office

When Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz (who was handpicked by Attorney General William Barr) cleared former FBI Director James Comey of having committed any wrongdoing today in the matter of leaking classified information, it once again brought the issue of contemporaneous memos Comey made of his interactions with President Donald Trump to the forefront.

You may recall that Comey wrote those memos regarding meetings he had with Trump in which the president reportedly asked him to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, who was fired after three weeks on the job due his connections to Russia and Turkey. Flynn accepted money from both countries and then neglected to disclose that on security forms he filed.

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) said Thursday on MSNBC that the Comey memos will now become key evidence for indictments against Trump when he leaves office. Murphy told host Andrea Mitchell:

“My perspective is simple. Thank goodness that James Comey kept records of these conversations with the president of the United States. These are conversations related to obstruction of justice by the president that may end up being part of criminal proceedings after the president leaves office and are of interest to all Americans who want to make sure that the highest levels of government are being held accountable. So I think that we’re better off as a nation for James Comey having kept these memos. I think they’ll be important well after the administration wraps up.”

Numerous investigations are ongoing in both New York and Washington, D.C. into Trump, the Trump Organization, and the three eldest Trump children. They can be indicted tomorrow in any of these state cases, and they may well be.

But it’s instructive to note that when Trump is out of office, a new Justice Department under a Democratic president can start work on getting indictments against Trump and others involved on various federal crimes.

While Trump may like to think he got the best of Comey when he dismissed him, it now seems that Comey will soon have a chance to exact revenge on the man who fired him. How’s that for perfect irony?

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Trump’s Obstruction Of Congress Fails As Top White House Aide Agrees To Testify

For the most part, Donald Trump’s obstruction of Congress has been going as he expected: A committee subpoenas a witness or requests documents and he claims executive privilege or — as he began doing just last week — claims that anyone who worked for the administration has “executive immunity,” meaning they don’t have to show up to testify.

Executive immunity, it should be noted, is total bullshit, as Daily Kos noted just last week when the issue came up:

“‘It’s important to distinguish between executive immunity and executive privilege,’ former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade explained on an episode of the podcast Talking Feds. McQuade recalled that George W. Bush’s White House tried to claim executive immunity to block his former White House Counsel, Harriet Miers, from having to testify about a scandal involving the mass firing of U.S. Attorneys. As McQuade noted, that argument tanked in court, with a federal judge ruling that top aides to Bush weren’t immune from congressional subpoenas.”

And now we have Annie Donaldson, the former chief of staff for Don McGahn, who was Trump’s White House counsel until October of last year, seeing through the administration’s lies and agreeing to cooperate with the House Judiciary Committee. Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) announced Monday that Donaldson will indeed agree to testify:

“Ms. Donaldson had a front row seat to many of the instances outlined in the Mueller Report dealing with President Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice and other abuses of power, which is why she is a key witness for the committee in our ongoing work to hold the president, his associates, and members of his administration accountable.”

Donaldson, who is pregnant and currently living in Alabama, will initially submit written responses to questions from the judiciary committee, and then personally appear in November, after her child is born.

Make no mistake, Donaldson could indeed be a key witness for congressional investigators, as she has first-hand knowledge of whether or not the president committed obstruction of justice and other crimes, all of which could well rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Just Security recently called Donaldson a “prized witness” for Congress, adding:

“Donaldson knows as much about Trump’s campaign against the Special Counsel as anyone, and in some ways, she is more poised than either Mueller or McGahn to shed new light on the President’s misconduct. The Office of the Special Counsel cited her notes and testimony nearly 70 times in its report, despite her removed role in the key events the Special Counsel examined. Donaldson’s appearance in the report shows how critical her testimony may be to a determination of whether the President abused his powers.”

Remember the name Annie Donaldson. When the history books are written, she — much like John Dean in the Nixon administration — may well be the one person who winds up bringing a premature end to a corrupt and criminal president’s time in office.