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WATCH A Trump Defender Self-Destruct When She Suggests Anti-Nazi Protesters Are As Bad As Nazis

As he continues to face fallout for his delayed reaction to the “Unite the Right” march held in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend, some of President Trump’s supporters are now attempting to make a false equivalency between the neo-Nazi marchers and counter-protesters.

One of those Trump defenders appeared on CNN Tuesday morning. Brunell Donald-Kyei, the former chair of outreach for Trump, along with Democratic strategist Symone Sanders. And Donald-Kyei wasted no time trying to blame both sides of the protests:

“My condolences as a fellow American to those who passed as well as those hurt. What I’ll say is the president has come out expressly against this violence, but also too, Miss Symone, there were people on the left who were pouring urine on journalists — all types of violence.

“I’m waiting for people to come out and condemn that as well. You can’t just condemn one and not the other. you condemn it across the board.”

That led host Chris Cuomo to step in and tell Donald-Kyei:

“Hold on. Brunell, the two sides, the many sides argument. Help us understand it better from your perspective, because I just want to be clear, do you see those who went there to oppose Nazis as the same as the Nazis?”

Donald-Kyei responded:

“I believe that first of all, you had a situation where you had people marching.The people saying white supremacists were marching and they had a permit and then you have these counter protesters come in, and any time you have a situation where you’ve got groups that are on extreme sides, like I said there should be –”

Cuomo then used logic to make the Trump supporter look ridiculous:

“See, that’s the point I don’t get. Are those extreme sides to you? Do you see somebody who opposes white supremacists, who want everybody on this panel to be eradicated from the United States as being equally as extreme as the white supremacists?”

Ms. Donald-Kyei again fell back on her talking point:

“What I’m saying is that I don’t believe that in black supremacy or white supremacy or Hispanic supremacy. I believe we should address any kind of hatred and extreme across the board. It shouldn’t be something that we are letting one get away with it more than any other.”

In other words, just like Trump, Brunell Donald-Kyei mistakenly thinks that the hatred and violence we saw in Virginia came from “many sides.” But the white nationalists are the ones responsible for the deaths of three people, and no false equivalency will ever change that fact.

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Tennessee Neo-Nazis Claim Recruiting Is Up Since Charleston Shootings Because ‘We’re A White Nation’

Two men from Tennessee who are members of the neo-Nazi American National Socialist Movement recently took a reporter on a tour of their backwoods headquarters and training center, and boasted that recruiting for their perverted version of the world has become much easier since the cold-blooded murder of nine black church members in Charleston, South Carolina.

Mike Schoeler and “Captain” Brian Culpepper say they are leaders in a movement that is growing across America and is made up of white people who believe they are “under siege.” Culpepper remarked:

“Whites are getting fed up. Whites are getting tired of being disenfranchised and neglected if not discriminated against by our own government.”

The only reason these morons are being discriminated against is because they are ignorant and have no saleable skills other than attempting to mislead others in a doctrine of hate.

Schoeler and Culpepper were asked if the fact that the President is black angers them. Their response will not surprise you. Culpepper said:

“Absolutely. Absolutely. We’re a white nation founded by and for the white man.”

The two men also told the reporter that recruiting for their group of intolerant racists with tiny brains is way up since Dylann Roof committed his act of domestic terrorism in Charleston, and that the new members are coming from:

“From all walks of life…truck drivers, lawyers, retirees, and military.”

Schoeler then demonstrated his skills with a gun, which is probably the only thing he will ever be halfway competent at. Culpepper said he is indeed a racist, but not an extremist:

“I’m a racist, I certainly am. Extremist? That remains to be seen. ”

And are these men dangerous? Culpepper again:

“No ma’am.”

The one good thing these two empty-headed haters did, however, is make themselves known so they can be placed on a Homeland Security watchlist.

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