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Freudian Slip? Trump Suggests Jeffrey Epstein Was Murdered

If you haven’t yet seen the entire interview that President Donald Trump gave to Jonathan Swan of Axios, you missed one hell of a massive presidential clusterfuck, as the Donald ranged from topic to topic, minimizing the massive death toll in the United States from COVID-19 (“It is what it is.”) to dissing the late John Lewis (“He didn’t come to my inauguration. He didn’t come to my State of the Union speeches.”)

But along with those headline-grabbing quotes, there was another remark that somehow managed to get lost in the shuffle, and it dealt with the president’s former friend, the late pedophile/sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, who, according to Trump’s own Department of Justice, died of suicide in August of last year.

Here’s what Trump had to say about Epstein when he was asked about Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of grooming underage girls to be raped and sexual molested by her so-called “boyfriend” and is now being held in prison awaiting trial:

“She’s now in jail. Yeah, I wish her well. I’d wish you well. I’d wish a lot of people well. Good luck. Let them prove somebody was guilty.

“Her boyfriend died in jail and people are still trying to figure out how did it happen. Was it suicide? Was he killed?”

Whoa! Time out! According to Trump’s own handpicked attorney general, loyal lapdog William Barr, Epstein died by his own hand. And that’s exactly what the DOJ maintains to this very day.

So what’s going on here? Does the president know something his own AG doesn’t? Or could it be that Trump is trying to send a message to Ms. Maxwell that goes like this: Yeah, I had Epstein killed in prison. Careful what you say, Ghislaine, or you might commit “suicide,” too.”

Twitter had a few thoughts on the matter, too:

William Barr, your boss is on the line, and it sounds like he just blew the Epstein case wide open.

Here’s the full Swan-Trump interview:

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Robert Mueller Pursuing Possible Murder Charges In Russia Investigation

Back in 2016, as polls showed Donald Trump losing badly to his Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton, a longtime Republican activist, Peter W. Smith, tried to obtain Clinton’s emails from the State Department, even going so far as to raise at least $100,00 for paying off anyone who might have access to the electronic communiqués and be willing to sell them.

Smith was never able to obtain the trove of Clinton emails from her time as Secretary of State, and he died under mysterious circumstances on May 14, 2017. His death was later ruled a suicide, but some have suggested he didn’t die of natural causes:

“Smith’s suicide note declares, ‘No foul play whatsoever,’ ‘recent bad turn in health since January, 2017,’ ‘life insurance of $5 million expiring.’ It is entirely possible this is true. But there is at least some reason to doubt that Smith decided to take his own life to claim an expiring life-insurance payment due to a sudden turn in his health.”

This week, a new report from the Wall Street Journal reveals that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is probably investigating Smith’s death as murder. As Jonathan Chait of New York magazine noted on October 9:

“The Journal got in touch with somebody who spoke with Smith shortly before his death. ‘Retired Wall Street financier Charles Ortel said he spoke with Mr. Smith on the phone in the hours before his death about a new project to brief the Obama Foundation and warn its leaders against the mistakes they believed were made by the Clinton Foundation,’ reports the Journal. ‘According to Mr. Ortel, Mr. Smith sounded excited, and he began brainstorming who to contact and how to proceed.'”

This new reporting also ties in with something Betsy Woodruff of The Daily Beast posted earlier this year about a new prosecutor who joined the Mueller team. The prosecutor, Kathryn Rakoczy, was known for focusing on violent crimes:

“An assistant U.S. attorney in the district of D.C., Rakoczy is best known for her work on violent crime cases. She focused on misdemeanors until about eight years ago, and then shifted to primarily prosecuting D.C. street crime. A Washington criminal defense attorney familiar with her work, who spoke anonymously to prevent tension between himself and Rakoczy, said her work for Mueller has generated some head-scratching, since Mueller isn’t investigating any violent street crimes.”

Which brings us back to the death of Smith, as Chait surmises:

“This would support the likelihood that Mueller is investigating Smith’s death as a murder. It is obviously possible that Smith suddenly decided to commit suicide after this conversation without betraying any hint of his intention, and while sounding excited about a future plan. But it is looking increasingly plausible that somebody in fact killed him.”

Was Smith eliminated because he knew too much and could implicate powerful figures such as Trump, Vladimir Putin, and others who were involved in the conspiracy with Russia?

Rest assured Robert Mueller will get to the bottom of all the crimes, and he may even wind up bringing murder charges.