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Mike Lindell Spent His 4-Day ‘Voter Fraud’ Webcast Hawking His Sh*tty Pillows

So here we are, the day after Thanksgiving/Black Friday 2021, and according to many among the pro-Trump contingency, the Donald was supposed to be “reinstated” as president by now.

That’s what MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has been saying ever since President Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election over a year ago, despite an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol which was intended to terrify members of Congress so much that they’d refuse to certify the electoral votes and instead hand the election back to the states.

As HuffPost notes, Lindell has been saying that Thanksgiving 2021 would be a key date and he would be broadcasting for 96 straight hours to let the world know that the Supreme Court had accepted a lawsuit he filed and was on the verge of reversing the will of the voters:

Despite months of promising to file an explosive lawsuit that would “pull down” the 2020 presidential election results and reinstate Donald Trump to the White House, pillow-monger Mike Lindell has instead turned his election-fraud-athon into a four-day sales promotion.

“I want to show you guys some Black Friday specials that we’re doing with MyPillow,” Lindell said Friday morning, rattling off sales for pillows and sheets. “That’s the lowest price in history.”

He then went off on a long explanation of why his sheets were made overseas from Egyptian cotton rather than U.S.-grown cotton, with “Save up to 66% off over 110 products” displayed on-screen below him.

“We’re doing stuff that’s over the top to put stuff on sale for Black Friday,” Lindell said.

Lindell had no serious plan for getting Trump back in office. His ruse was all about grifting; an attempt to sell his shitty, overpriced pillows and other subpar merchandise to the Trump faithful who worship the failed, one-term president with more fervor than they do Jesus himself.

Lindell is desperate to sell more pillows in part because ever since he began his election lies and lawsuits, lots of retailers have refused to carry his merchandise:

MyPillow products have been dropped by major retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s after CEO Mike Lindell repeated false claims of voter fraud in the presidential election.

Wayfair and Today’s Shopping Choice have also stopped selling products made by his Minnesota-based company.

The MyPillow huckster and former crack addict is also facing enormous defamation lawsuits from voting machine makers Dominion and Smartmatic. Dominion is seeking $1.3 billion in damages.

Donald Trump is not going to be returning to the White House. Not now and not next Thanksgiving either. He’s a loser, a fraud, a con man, a liar, and an accused sexual predator.

Lindell, on the other hand, is a loser, a fraud, a con man, and a liar. No wonder he and Donald are such good buddies.

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Lindell Has To Spin New Lies After His Supreme Court Election Lawsuit Is Put On Hold

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is having to come up with new lies to cover the ones he’s been telling for months after it turned out that his long-promised lawsuit before the Supreme Court to overturn the 2020 presidential election wasn’t filed with the high court, meaning his promise that Donald Trump would be named president again by Thanksgiving isn’t going to happen.

Lindell has been saying for months that several state attorneys general would be signing onto his lawsuit, which he told his supporters would be filed by today, November 23.

But Lindell told former Trump aide Steve Bannon Tuesday that details of the lawsuit will be revealed Thanksgiving Day during a 96-hour marathon broadcasting session on his “FrankSpeech” website:

“We’re flying around the last couple of days — it’s been very chaotic. We do have a full copy of the complaint with any of the changes that they needed and we’re going to have a great update for you.

“I’ve seen the complaint. It is epic.”

What delayed the filing of Lindell’s lawsuit? COVID, he claims, and he also said he’s got lots of state AG’s on his side:

“I met many AGs. I was on the phone with four of them yesterday and some of them have so much going on right now that last Friday they gave them until today to fighting [sic] these mandates where kids had to take the vaccine.”

“You know a lot of things are happening out there that are very suspicious, almost trying to slow these guys down. It is kind of like herding cats. You have different ones at different levels. I do have some — a couple — which I don’t want to announce right now that said straight-up we’re not going to do it.”

Here’s a prediction that will likely turn out to be more accurate than any of Mike Lindell’s: Thanksgiving will come and go, and he won’t file any lawsuit with the Supreme Court. So then he’ll move the date to Christmas, and then New Year’s Day. All the while, he’ll continue to grift money from gullible Trumpers to offset the millions he’s losing now that people are refusing to buy his crappy pillows.

It’s all about the money. Same with Trump, and the other con men who travel in his orbit.

Here’s Lindell speaking with Bannon:

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Trump Says Voting Machines Should Be Melted Down And Turned Into Prison Bars

Failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump says he agrees that all voting machines used in the 2020 presidential election should be melted down and turned into prison bars, which set off a wave of laughter on social media.

According to The Daily Beast, Trump was speaking with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell:

In a pre-recorded interview at his Mar-a-Lago Club … the pillow maven turned 2020 dead-ender peppered the ex-president with praise for nearly 45 minutes as the two discussed their supposed fight against “voter fraud” and Lindell’s baseless claims that American voting machines were hacked by China in 2020.

Lindell told Trump, dressed in a tuxedo, that “anyone who moves on” from the 2020 election is “saying that you’re OK” with the results. “I have said we’re going to melt down machines and use them into prison bars,” Lindell exclaimed.

Trump called that idea “very interesting,” adding that it was “a very good idea.”

The irony of Donald Trump — who is under criminal investigation on multiple fronts — calling for turning voting machines into prison bars was almost too much for many who saw the Trump-Lindell interview and shared their thoughts on Twitter:


Idaho Official Says Mike Lindell Will Be Charged For The State’s Election Audit


MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell had better hope he can unload some more of his crappy pillows and bed coverings, because he’s about to get hit with a hefty bill for the audit of Idaho’s 2020 election results that he demanded by making false claims about voter fraud.

Chad Houck, the Idaho Chief Deputy Secretary of State, said on CNN Thursday that the state will indeed be sending a bill to Lindell, according to Mediaite:

Houck joined CNN’s John Berman on Thursday to talk about the recent power dispute between Idaho Governor Brad Little and Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin, both Republicans. As Houck broke down the implications of the spat, Berman turned the conversation toward Lindell’s conspiracy theories that the state’s 2020 results were electronically hacked.

Lindell’s fraud claims prompted an audit in the state even though, Berman noted, former President Donald Trump handily won Idaho. Houck explained that Idaho looked into Lindell’s claims, and he broke down how “there’s absolutely no validity to them” with how the state counts its votes.

Berman asked Houck:

“You are chasing your tail because of the MyPillow guy. Should he pay for this at least?”

Houck replied:

“Well, actually we will be totaling up the expenses that were incurred in the process and we will be sending him a bill.”

It remains to be seen, however, if Lindell will fork over the money even if Idaho does send him a bill for the audit. Since Lindell is such good buddies with failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump, you have to wonder if he also stiffs people for bills he runs up.

If Lindell is reluctant to pay, Idaho can take him to court and demand he prove the specious allegations about voter fraud he made had any basis in fact. If it’s found that he was lying, he would indeed be forced to reimburse the Gem State for every dime they spent on the bogus audit.


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MyPillow Chump CEO Gives New Date For Trump’s Reinstatement: Thanksgiving

If you were wondering what the latest is with the “reinstatement” of failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump, his old buddy, Mike Lindell (aka the MyPillow guy) has news for us.

According to Lindell (who appeared on the “War Room: Pandemic” podcast), when we sit down to our turkey, dressing, and sweet potato pie in November, the U.S. Supreme Court will be on the verge of putting Trump back in the White House.

Check out what he had to say. It’s both comical and pathetic:

“Originally I had hoped for August and September. I asked all the lawyers just yesterday. We are taking this case to the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving. Now maybe Fox will report that today.

“You heard it here first because our case is ready. We are bringing it to the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving. This evidence is 100% non-subjective evidence. The Supreme Court, they’re going to vote 9-nothing to take it in.”

Remember, you heard it here first, everyone! Mike Lindell — who has been wrong on all of his other predictions — is now telling us he’s right this time.

But wait, that’s not all Mr. Pillow had to say:

“We will have this before the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving. That’s my promise to the people of this country. We’re all in this together. We worked very hard on this.”

Nope. Not gonna happen, Mike. Nice try, but total bullshit.

Here’s a prediction that’s much more likely to come true: When we all sit down for our Thanksgiving meal, Joe Biden will still be president, the Supreme Court will have refused to accept Lindell’s case for consideration, and Donald Trump will still be a loser.

Oh, and there’s also this: When we all sit down to be with our families for Thanksgiving, Mike Lindell’s pillows will still be shitty and overpriced.