Lauren Boebert: Anyone Upset With Florida’s Anti-LGBTQ Laws Should ‘Build’ Their Own Florida

The always intellectually-challenged Congresswoman from Colorado, Lauren Boebert (R), says that if you’re upset about Florida passing laws that are blatantly discriminatory towards the LGBTQ community, you simply need to get busy and build your own Florida.

Wait…what?! What in the hell does that even mean?

On Saturday, Boebert posted this tweet:

Shouldn’t any decisions regarding what a kid does regarding their body be left to the child and their parents instead of a legislator in Tallahassee? And hasn’t the Republican Party been saying for centuries that government needs to stay the hell out of regulating private businesses?

When Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill and then endorsed stripping Walt Disney World of their designation as a “special district,” what he was telling the people of his state is that the government knows better than the voters who put them into office. He’s going to protect you from things you didn’t even feel the need to be protected from, because such decisions are personal and private, as they damn well should be.

The move by Florida is merely the culmination of what Republicans have been doing for decades: Imposing their morals and religion on others, even though they weren’t elected for that purpose.

And the action against Disney is also going to have severe economic consequences for Orange County, where the massive theme park is located:

Tax experts and legislators say eliminating the district could have unintended consequences for county taxpayers. Disney’s special tax district status allows the company to levy an additional tax on itself to pay for municipal services, something that other counties cannot do. That tax currently amounts to $105 million per year, said Orange County tax collector Scott Randolph. Reedy Creek also receives additional revenue of nearly $60 million from Disney to pay its bond debt.

Sunsetting Reedy Creek means that local counties will begin paying for those services without that special status in place. Taxpayers will likely be left to foot the bill for potholes and emergency services.

So now Lauren Boebert wants us to build our own Florida? Here’s a better idea: Maybe the right-wing extremists need to build their own country somewhere on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean. Preferably one that’s prone to flooding and multiple hurricane strikes.

The best suggestions, however, came from other Twitter users, who took Boebert to task.


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Lauren Boebert: No American Should Be Allowed To Come Out As LGBTQ Until They Turn 21

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has said some incredibly stupid, bigoted, and absurd things during her two years in Congress, but something she suggested Friday may well be a new low for her.

According to Boebert, no American should be allowed to come out as LGBTQ until they turn 21.

“We require people to be 21 to purchase alcohol beverages, and 21 to purchase tobacco products.

“Why is it so unreasonable to require people to reach a certain level of maturity before making life-altering decisions about their sexuality and identity?”

If we’re going to impose such a restriction on people’s sexuality, wouldn’t it also be reasonable to insist that you can’t own a gun until you’re 21? Boebert would no doubt be opposed to such a measure because she thinks we should all carry weapons of mass murder everywhere we go.

Twitter quickly reminded Boebert just how utterly moronic her suggestion was.


Andrew Guiliani Attacks Transgender Americans By Bragging About His Infant Daughter’s Genitalia

Andrew Giuliani is running to be the next governor of the state of New York, but comments he made during a speech to a right-wing group on Long Island are proof that, much like his father, Andy needs to stay home and keep his fat trap shut.

According to The Daily Beast, the disgraced former New York City mayor’s son told attendees this about his infant daughter:

He spoke about his four-month-old daughter, saying he is “gonna be the last guy in a long time that looks under the hood right there.”

She “made a promise to me on the first day, right? My wife was sleeping, and I’m holding her [my daughter] in my arms. And I get emotional thinking about it, but she made a promise with me. She shook my hand and I said, ‘I’m the only boyfriend till you’re 25 years old, shake hands.’

“Shook my hand. So I have changed the diapers. I have looked under the hood. She’s a woman. I’m gonna be the last guy in a long time that looks under the hood right there. But guess what? She was born a woman and she’s gonna stay a woman, it’s that simple.”

The group the younger Giuliani spoke to goes by the name Long Island Loud Majority and is so extreme that it has been placed on a list of extreme antigovernment groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Andrew’s old man also attended the extremist event, which should all but sink any chance the son had of being the GOP nominee in the Empire State:

Rudy Giuliani, who is facing a litany of legal battles related to his work to overturn the 2020 election, offered a short speech in which he claimed that threats of white supremacist violence are overblown. He said that Andrew (who has never held elected office) was a natural governor because “he was born knowing how to fight crime.”

Any father who would look at his daughter’s genitals and then tell the world about what he saw is not only a disgusting perv, he’s also unfit to be elected as trash collector, let alone governor of a state as great as New York.


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Florida GOP State Senator Declares That Being LGBT ‘Is Not A Permanent Thing’

During a Tuesday debate on the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation that has already passed the Florida House of Representatives and is now before the Senate, Republican State Sen. Ileana Garcia rose to speak in favor of the bill, but what she said proved that her opinion of the issue is far from fully informed.

Speaking for over 15 minutes, Garcia expressed her support for the legislation, which would ban teachers from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity with younger students:

“Gay is not a permanent thing, LGBT is not a permanent thing. This isn’t about targeting. This is perhaps about rerouting the responsibilities back to the parents.”

Garcia also claimed that she has family and friends who are LGBT, “but I don’t pander on that.”

And then there was what the senator had to say about a transgender woman she claims who know who prefers to date women:

“A friend of mine went through the whole transition as an older man, 58-years-old, became a woman and guess what? He still likes women! He went through the whole process and we’d laugh together and I’d say, why do you want to deal with the hormones? Why do you want to worry about the extensions and the hair and boobs and the nails and he loved it.

“So he had a sexual experience. And he realized that he continued to like women.”

And while she was at it, Garcia also decided to share some completely bogus “statistics” about gender-affirming surgery:

“You know, a lot of people don’t know that I think that the statistics are that 4 out of 7 people who do the full transition end up committing suicide because it’s tough.”

Nope. Not even remotely accurate. As a matter of fact, gender-affirming surgery is actually shown to reduce the likelihood of a person committing suicide.

The bill was passed by the Florida Senate and now heads to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) who will sign it because he wants to try and create a cultural issue he can use to get a second term in office and use his reelection as a springboard to the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

Congress GOP LGBT Issues WTF?!

Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Unhinged Meltdown After Her Hateful Anti-Trans Sign Is Vandalized

Shortly after she took office in early 2021, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) posted a disgusting sign outside her congressional office, which just so happened to be across the hall from another member of Congress who has a transgender child.

As CNN reported at the time:

Illinois Rep. Marie Newman, whose daughter is transgender, posted a video on Twitter of her hanging the pink and blue transgender pride flag outside her office Wednesday afternoon, captioning that Greene tried to block the act “because she believes prohibiting discrimination against trans Americans is ‘disgusting, immoral, and evil,'” adding, “thought we’d put up our Transgender flag so she can look at it every time she opens her door” with winking and transgender flag emojis.

That evening, Greene retweeted Newman’s post and added a video of her hanging a sign that reads “There are TWO genders: MALE & FEMALE …Trust The Science!”

Now, however, someone has decided to leave a message on Greene’s sign –“Free Palestine”– and it put her into an unhinged tizzy, taking to Telegram (because she’s been banned from Twitter) and posting a video that is just this side of deranged in which she angrily declares:

“I want you to know about the criminals who actually work in these office buildings, because I’ve been having to deal with them now for months and months.

“This sign is such a trigger factor for Democrats and apparently people who actually work in my office building — that they started vandalizing this sign, and then they stole the sign, so I’ve gone through six signs since early last year.”

But it’s what Greene says next in the video that’s so damn laughable:

“This is criminal activity. It’s vandalism, destruction of property, so when the person gets caught they’re going to be held accountable. But here’s the scary thing — they work in our building!”

Criminal activity? Is it as bad as what was done on January 6, which Greene has repeatedly tried to downplay? She even has the nerve to whine that the domestic terrorists who defaced the Capitol and killed a police officer on that horrific day are being mistreated while they’re incarcerated and awaiting trial. Which makes you wonder if Greene would be this enraged if someone had written “Free the J6 prisoners” on her beloved sign.

Near the end of her video, Greene tries to get sympathy by asserting that her life is in danger:

“Because if someone is this crazy, so crazy and deranged over a sign that says there are only two genders, male and female, and they keep attacking it … then obviously they may try to attack me personally.”

In one final hissy fit flourish, Greene talks about how much she hates being in Congress, which makes you wonder why she doesn’t just resign and not run for reelection in the midterms:

“Anyways, I just wanted to give y’all a little heads up on what actually happens in Washington — and it’s loserville, loserville in Washington. Absolute most pathetic place I’ve ever been in my life. Completely disgusts me. It’s totally dysfunctional. The Democrats are destroying our county, and then there’s idiots that have to run around and vandalize signs because they’re so triggered by the fact that there are only two genders.”

Poor Marjorie! She’s used to being a bully, but when someone pushes back or writes a message on her hallowed sign, she pitches a fit like a spoiled toddler.

Here’s the video: