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Heartless Senate Republicans Are Refusing To Support An Asian-American Hate Crimes Bill

For months now — due in large part to former President Donald Trump repeatedly referring to COVID-19 as the “China virus” — attacks on Asian-Americans have been on the rise.

Despite that, Senate Republicans are refusing to support a piece of legislation proposed by Democrats that might help curb the increase in violence against Asian-Americans, CNN reports:

“The bill, introduced by Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono and New York Rep. Grace Meng, would assign a Justice Department official to expedite reviews of potential Covid-19-related hate crimes, establish an online database of such incidents and require new guidance to ‘mitigate racially discriminatory language in describing’ the pandemic, according to a summary of the proposal.”

Sen. Hirono says she doesn’t understand how anyone can be opposed to such a bill:

“We just want to get more information about who’s reaching out — data collection — working with the state and county law enforcement on hate crimes. You would think that all the Republicans would condemn the hate crimes that are being targeted against AAPIs but not enough of them have spoken up.”

Texas GOP Sen. John Cornyn tried to suggest that the legislation is a waste of time, but his explanation makes about as much sense as the babbling of an infant:

“Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn told reporters on Monday that the bill is ‘just a messaging vote,’ and wasn’t considered in the typical committee process. Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley added that he thinks the Senate should hold off on passing legislation until Attorney General Merrick Garland completes his study on hate crimes. Both Republican senators said they still need to look at Hirono’s bill in more detail.”

Just a messaging vote? What in the hell does that even mean? Passing a bill to protect people who are being attacked due solely to the fact that they are Asian heritage is indeed messaging, and it’s intended to send a powerful message: This will not be tolerated!

But, as usual, Republicans would rather cover their eyes and pretend there’s not a problem. Every last one of them needs to be voted out of office.


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Hate-Filled Trump Supporter Attacks Muslim Women Pushing Baby Strollers

Thanks to the noxious rantings of Donald Trump, hatred against minorities is at an all-time high in this country. It’s as if Trump has suddenly made it acceptable to be a racist asshole because somehow the system is rigged against white Christians. That’s total bullshit, of course, but the simple-minded will believe almost anything if you repeat it often enough.

The perfect example of this was on full display this week in Brooklyn, New York, when a woman identified as 32-year-old Emirjeta Xhelili began yelling anti-Islamic slurs at two Muslim women who were merely out walking their babies in strollers.

Prosecutors allege that Xhelili shouted:

“Get the f*ck out of here. Get the f*ck out of America, b*tches… This is America — you shouldn’t be different from us.”

Xhelili then allegedly punched the two women in their faces and attempted to rip their hijabs off their heads. Prosecutors also say the crazed suspect tried to knock over the stroller that contained a 15-month-old baby.

According to the New York Daily News, Xhelili has made numerous postings on social media. In one, she wrote:

“America is the ark of Noah. Trump’s gonna win.”

Ms. Xhelili is being held on a bond of $50,000. Perhaps the Trump campaign would interested in bailing out one of their acolytes or providing her with an attorney. Nah, they prefer to deny they agree with such people, even though their candidate inspires this very behavior on a daily basis.

Disgusting is the first word that comes to mind when the name Trump is mentioned. Utterly disgusting.

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Enraged California Woman Who Assaulted Praying Muslims To Be Charged With Hate Crime

Prosecutors in Alameda County, California, have filed hate crime charges against a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation employee who was filmed earlier this month ridiculing a Muslim man and throwing coffee on him. The incident was captured on cellphone video.

Denise Slader, who is employed as a program technician with the department’s Adult Parole Operations, was charged Wednesday with multiple misdemeanor counts of battery and committing a hate crime. A court date was set for January 2016.

In the video, which you can see below this story, Slader can be seen telling the Muslim men who were praying in a public park:

“The people you tortured, they’re going to spend eternity in heaven. You are very deceived by Satan. Your mind has been taken over, brainwashed, and you have nothing but hate, nothing but hate.”

East Bay Regional Park District spokesperson Carolyn Jones said of the incident:

“This kind of intolerance is totally unacceptable. It’s just appalling on 50 different levels.”

The man seen in the video who speaks to Slader and received the brunt of her tirade, Rasheed Albeshari, was born inTennessee and moved to Yemen with his family as a child. He returned to the U.S. several years ago at the request of his father, who told him:

“Son, go back to your country; that’s where you can find your future.”

Albeshari said that shortly after the posted the video on Facebook, he received an outpouring of support from other social media users:

“It’s just overwhelming. I think that’s what makes this nation great: tolerance and acceptance.”

Officials with the Department of Corrections did not comment on Slader’s actions, the charges against her, or her future employment with the department.

This is the Video That Led to the Hate Crime Charges

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NC Homophobe Assaults Gay Bar Owner But Will Not Be Charged With Hate Crime

Maybe someone can explain this one to me: A guy walks into a gay bar, begins using derogatory language toward some of the patrons and the owner of the bar–because the owner also happens to be gay–physically assaults the owner several times, is arrested, and then is released on a measly $3,000 bond.


Sunday morning in Charlotte, North Carolina, Lucas Dylan Wilhelmson walked into The Bar at 316. He was allegedly upset that the Supreme Court had ruled in favor of same-sex marriage on Friday. He was intoxicated and looking to pick a fight.

According to Rob Tufano, spokesperson for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department:

“From the second he started talking to people, it was downhill from there. He was looking for trouble. He said he was straight, but you could tell he obviously had deep issues from what he was saying and how he was acting. When he came in, he did not seem friendly at all. He slaps the owner several times. He continued to slap him. The owner never hits him back, according to witnesses.”

In fact, the bar’s owner, Jeff Edwards, even offered to call a cab for Wilhelmson, and he was rewarded for his good citizenship with slaps and choking by the homophobic patron. Wilhelmson also allegedly threatened to come back later and kill Edwards.

Wilhelmson will not be charged with a hate crime because North Carolina has no protection for the LGBT community in its established anti-discrimination laws.

JoJo Hammond, a friend of Wilhelmson who says she is a lesbian, blames his actions on alcohol:

“I know this boy, I know his family. When he gets a little drunk, he can be a little crazy, but I have never known him to be homophobic. When I heard of the story, I was very shocked that he would even be considered for a hate crime, because he’s just a nice kid. I have seen him when he’s had too much to drink, but a hate crime? I just don’t see that.”

First of all, Wilhelmson isn’t a “kid” as Ms. Hammond calls him. He’s a 21-year-old man who is legally responsible for his actions. Secondly, if this isn’t a hate crime, then what did he have to do to qualify for that charge? Burn the bar down?


For the record, this is hardly the first time Wilhelmson has been in trouble with the law. He has a rap sheet which includes assault, hit and run, and DWI.

Yeah, what a nice kid he is.

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Texas Racists Spray Paint ‘No N*ggers’ On Church Van, Poison Black Family’s Puppy

Every so often I come across a story that truly makes me ill. I mean that literally: Some stories have the ability to make one physically ill. When I read this one, it made me feel as if someone had drilled a giant hole into my stomach.

The setting is Kaufman, Texas, and what happened is that a couple of Sunday nights ago, on May 31, someone decided they would leave a message on a van belonging to a church with a black pastor, John Weaver. The message of pure hate and ignorance they spray painted on the van was:

“No N*iggers”

It should be noted that the Weaver family is the only African-American family living in their neighborhood, so it quickly becomes painfully obvious that the message on the van was meant for them. Pastor Weaver says:

“What really got me is, they put it on the church bus. Golly, we are Christians. We ain’t got no hate.”

But these racist vermin were not quite finished terrorizing the Weaver family. They also took the time to poison their puppy, Ka-lo. Church member Margaret Pipkins remarks:

“The most hurtful thing is, they killed the puppy. An innocent puppy.”

The Weavers say while this incident may have been intended to scare them away, they aren’t going anywhere. Weaverdefiantly says:

 “I see it as a message to all the black people in Kaufman. We aren’t going nowhere. We are going to be there.”

The Kaufman Police Department insists that they are taking the case very seriously, issuing a statement which reads in part:

“The Kaufman Police Department has had our entire department working on this case and trying to develop leads to determine who the person or persons are that committed this crime and we are asking for the public’s help.”

And despite this horrible act of hate and intolerance, Margaret Pipkins says they forgive whoever did such a terrible thing:

“I hope they will know that we love them and we will forgive them. We hold no hate in our heart.”

Pastor Weaver echoed those sentiments:

“You can’t retaliate behind nothing like this, all you can do is pray. Continue to pray and pray for the one’s that did it also. Cause people’s lives change.”

Here is a personal message from me to the cowards who engaged in this act of terrorism: You are the lowest of the low, the scum of the earth. And I will also pray for you. But it’s going to be very difficult to do so.

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