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WATCH Fox News Cut Lindsey Graham Off Mid-Sentence When He Begs For Campaign Donations

Lindsey Graham is terrified, and based on his fundraising totals and the latest polls, he should be.

The South Carolina Republican senator is facing a strong challenge from Democrat Jaime Harrison, with polls showing Harrison surging while Graham’s numbers are stagnant, with RealClear Politics now rating the race a toss-up.

And if indeed money is, as the old saying goes, the mother’s milk of politics, then Lindsey is sucking hind teat with The Washington Post noting that Harrison is swimming in cash with less than a week left until the election:

“Thanks to record-breaking fundraising to the tune of $57 million in the third quarter alone, Harrison has become a serious challenger to the incumbent.”

So when Graham was a guest on Laura Ingraham’s nightly Fox News show Tuesday, he kept urging viewers to go to his campaign website and kick in a few bucks, Newsweek reports:

“The left is going nuts. You need to get on the internet right now. My opponent has raised more money than anybody in the entire history of the United States Senate because I’ve been with Kavanaugh, Barrett and I’m helping Trump.”

Graham continued his whining and moaning, but at the end of the interview, when the senator again tried to get a plug in for money, the network cut him off in mid-sentence:

All of Graham’s begging has helped, HuffPost reports, with the incumbent senator managing to raise $28 million in the third quarter, but that’s still less than half of what Harrison took in.

Lindsey is asking for money so damn often that CNN even made a supercut of him trying to gin up financial support:

Pathetic, isn’t it? Apparently, even Fox thought so and did the right thing by refusing to give Graham more airtime for his self-shilling. But if he loses, you can bet Lindsey will be back on right-wing media outlets trying to blame everyone but himself for his failure.


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Congressional Committee Investigating Giuliani For Taking Payoffs From Foreign Governments: DETAILS

Since the release of the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller in mid-April, we haven’t seen or heard much from Rudy Giuliani. There were some reports he had been removed from the Trump legal team, which led Newsweek to report:

“The Washington Examiner reported that Giuliani told the publication he is planning to end his legal representation of Trump—which he does for free—when the Mueller-related legal threats to the president dissipate.

“Giuliani told the Examiner that he would ‘probably not’ remain Trump’s personal attorney after that, unless the president needs him. The former New York City mayor also said he is ‘pretty busy’ with other projects in his schedule.”

And yet, on Thursday evening Giuliani sent out a tweet that seems to contradict his earlier remarks:

However, the truth of the matter seems to lie somewhere between those two polar opposites: Giuliani is no longer formally on the Trump legal team, but he’s still around to shill (i.e. blatantly lie) on the president’s behalf anytime he’s called upon to serve as a loyal lackey for the Donald.

But Rudy has other problems, and they all center around payoffs he’s taken from foreign governments that sought to curry favor with Trump. Those infusions of cash to Giuliani’s bank account have now drawn the attention of congressional investigators, who are taking a close look at whether or not Rudy is working as the agent of several nations, which is against the law because the former mayor hasn’t filed the required documentation to let the feds know he’s operating on behalf of countries such as Russia and Ukraine.

Remember when Rudy said he was headed to Ukraine to get dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden? That’s when it became clear that Giuliani is up to some highly questionable things on behalf of God only knows who. The Daily Beast notes:

“The news of a potential Giuliani probe comes as Democrats on the Hill are attempting to ramp up their investigations into President Trump. Several congressional committees, including judiciary and oversight, have called on former Trump officials to cooperate in their investigations. But the White House has stonewalled those efforts, refusing to acquiesce to witness-interview and document-production requests.”

Rudy Giuliani is a disgusting little douche weasel who is neck-deep in in all kinds of potentially criminal behavior, including trips he made to Romania and Armenia. Quoting The Daily Beast again:

“Giuliani sent a letter to Romanian President Klaus Iohannis in August 2018 recommending changes to the country’s anti-corruption program. The contents of that letter diverged from the official State Department stance on the issue. He told Politico that he was paid for writing the letter by a global consulting firm. In October 2018, Giuliani appeared in Armenia, reportedly invited there by an Armenian businessman who lives in Russia. At the time, Giuliani said he was in Armenia as a ‘private citizen.’ He spoke at a conference alongside a sanctioned Russian official.”

Did you catch that mention of Russia? Rudy has the stench of Putin all over him, and that’s why he’s so trusted by Trump, who also worships the Russian leader.

Anyone who thought the Russian conspiracy ended with the Mueller report hasn’t been paying attention. Congressional investigators are following the money, and that always leads to the crimes.

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McConnell Warns Republicans: 2018 Midterm Election Will Be A Bloodbath For GOP

If there’s one thing Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is good at reading, it’s the political tea leaves when it comes to his own party, and right now the leaves show a very dark future for the GOP.

Politico is reporting that McConnell, along with GOP Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel, is telling President Trump that Republicans will likely lose control of both houses of Congress in the 2018 midterm election:

“McConnell has said privately that both chambers could be lost in November. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has told donors that he fears a wave of swing district Republican lawmakers could retire rather than seek reelection.”

McDaniel put her worries in writing and delivered them directly to the White House:

“A few weeks before Alabama’s special Senate election, President Donald Trump’s handpicked Republican National Committee leader, Ronna Romney McDaniel, delivered a two-page memo to White House chief of staff John Kelly outlining the party’s collapse with female voters.

“The warning, several people close to the chairwoman said, reflected deepening anxiety that a full-throated Trump endorsement of accused child molester Roy Moore in the special election — which the president was edging closer to at the time — would further damage the party’s standing with women. McDaniel’s memo, which detailed the president’s poor approval numbers among women nationally and in several states, would go unheeded, as Trump eventually went all-in for the ultimately unsuccessful Republican candidate.”

Also, with Trump’s approval ratings in the low to mid-thirties in recent polling, it seems unlikely that the president will be able to help on the campaign trail for Republicans in vulnerable districts. He could, in fact, wind up harming anyone he campaigns with or on behalf of. Such is the price of being Typhoid Donald.

Scott Jennings, a former top political adviser in the George W. Bush White House who is close to McConnell, said Trump’s entire presidency could be over with soon after the midterms in 2018:

“There are 10 months to improve the fundamentals here, and the Senate map is, on paper, good. But maps don’t make majorities and I think there’s a realization that there’s at least a 50 percent chance one or both chambers could fall. In less than one year, this first term could be, for all intents and purposes, over if the Democrats take control of either chamber.”

And, should both houses fall to the Democrats, Trump will likely be impeached. No wonder he was so eager to get that tax bill passed. It may well be his only legislative achievement before he’s booted from office.

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Fellow Republicans Expect Paul Ryan To Step Down After Tax Vote

Paul Ryan — who only reluctantly agreed to be Speaker of the House when the GOP was desperate to find a consensus candidate — could be on the verge of giving up his position as soon as the Republican tax bill is completed.

According to The Huffington Post:

“When the House Freedom Caucus gathered Monday night, members spent part of their meeting discussing a theory circulating on Capitol Hill and among the downtown Christmas parties that Ryan may believe he’s harpooned his personal white whale of tax reform and decide he’s finished.

“‘Is it a Boehner-meeting-the-pope moment?’ one Freedom Caucus member rhetorically asked HuffPost, referring to Ryan’s predecessor, John Boehner (R-Ohio), who hosted Pope Francis for a joint address to Congress in September 2015 and then announced his retirement the next morning.”

The reason Ryan wants out is simple: He simply doesn’t enjoy the job or the challenge of trying to unify disparate factions of the GOP in order to get things done:

“Lawmakers and aides who spoke to HuffPost on the condition of anonymity over the last week say they believe this is still a job Ryan doesn’t enjoy. On top of ruling over a GOP conference that’s just as unruly as when Boehner was speaker, Ryan has had to navigate Donald Trump ― a task that’s left him looking feckless to the left and like an enemy of the president to the right.”

Ryan may also be reading the tea leaves and realize that Republicans are headed for a disaster in the 2018 midterm election. Recent losses by the GOP in Virginia and Alabama, combined with Trump’s low approval ratings, could set the stage for a wave election that sees Ryan and his colleagues in the minority.

However, if indeed Ryan does step down, it could hurt the GOP financially:

“Ryan’s fundraising prowess has helped GOP campaign accounts stay flush with cash in an upcoming election cycle that could be tough for Republicans.”

Perhaps more troubling for Republicans is the fact that there’s no clear replacement if Ryan does indeed decide he’s tired of being speaker. No matter what happens, it appears that Ryan and GOP have some very tough days ahead.

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GOP Whining The Trump Adminstration WTF?!

Prince Of Whine Don Jr. Complains About ‘Atmosphere Of Hate’ Toward His Daddy

Just like his father, Donald Trump Jr. loves to wallow in pity and complain that the world is against the president, completely overlooking the fact that the American head of state may have been elected illegitimately, with the assistance of the Russians.

Speaking recently at an annual fundraising event for Faulkner University, a private Christian institution in Alabama, Junior once again brought up his bigoted daddy’s comments right after the death of a woman at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, commenting:

“He condemned…the white nationalists and the left-wingers. That should not have been controversial, but it was.”

Actually, the president said there were “fine people” on both sides of the protests, meaning he was providing cover for neo-Nazis, members of the KKK, and the so-called “alt-right,” which is just another way of saying white supremacists.

Next, Junior decided to attack all left-wing protests, condemning those on the left as people who “hate their country” and “hate their religion,” adding:

“Hate speech’ is that America is a good country… that we need borders… anything that comes out of the mouth of the president… the moral teaching of the Bible.”

How ironic. The spawn of the most immoral man to ever hold the office of president is daring to talk about the teachings of the Bible.

Trump Jr. also made mention of James Hodgkinson, the man who shot at Republican lawmakers in June as they practiced for a Congressional baseball game:

“He went out looking for Republicans to kill, and we’re supposed to forget that.”

Near the end of his fiery oration, Junior also criticized anyone on the left who dares to disagree with his father, calling them “social justice warriors” and “Marxists,” who think:

“Everyone to the right of them is Hitler.”

Didn’t Hitler also try to divide Germany into warring factions so he could gain power and personally enrich himself at the expense of others? Well then, if the shoe fits, Donnie Junior, you and your crooked father are gonna have to wear it.

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