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Former GOP Operative Goes On EPIC Tweetstorm, Slams ‘Trump Fellators, Fanboys, Grunting MAGA Mouthbreathers’

Despite the slavish devotion you see from the vast majority of Congressional Republicans when it comes to President Trump, not all members of the GOP are on the side of the president. And one of them is letting the world know exactly where he stands.

Former GOP operative Rick Wilson, who now writes for The Daily Beast, went on Twitter and let loose with scathing rebuke of Trump and his fanatical supporters, leaving no doubt where he stands. Here’s a sampling of what Wilson had to say:

Trust me, you owe it yourself to go over to Wilson’s Twitter page and read all 25 postings. He has said the things we’re all feeling, and he’s also done a great patriotic duty for his country. Thank you, Rick Wilson.

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