Donald Trump WTF?!

Trump’s Latest Grift: ‘Freedom Passports’ He Claims Are Better Than Vaccine Passports

Donald Trump has always been a grifter. He claims to be a businessman, but he’s failed at every business he’s been a part of, filed for bankruptcy multiple times, and stuck his name on items ranging from steaks and wine to a failed university which went belly-up. Hell, the son of a bitch even stole money from the charity which bore his name and eventually had to shut down the charity or face criminal charges.

Since leaving the White House, Trump’s grifting has only grown worse as he raises hundreds of millions from his gullible supporters under the guise of a “ballot review” initiative, which has yet to spend a dime on actually helping fund any of the bogus recounts taking place in states such as Arizona. Instead, the $75 million he’s collected from his acolytes is being used to pay his attorneys and travel expenses.

And now the Donald has unveiled his latest incarnation of modern-day snake oil: A $45 “Freedom Passport” that is actually nothing but a cheaply made T-shirt:

Be sure and note that along with the T-shirt offer is a way for you to give a contribution that will “benefit Save America Joint Fundraising Committee.” Translation: Donnie will spend that money on whatever he decides he most needs. It might be travel on a private jet or limo expense, but it might just as well be used to set up one of his ongoing rallies where he’ll ask the crowd to give him more cash so he can continue to scam them on a recurring basis.

Oh, and here’s the best thing about the “freedom passport”: It won’t protect you from COVID-19, so you can wear it as they intubate you at the local hospital while you take your last desperate breaths and curse “the libs” as the Grim Reaper shows up to claim your hollowed-out soul.

So come one, come all, and line up for a freedom passport. Granted, it won’t do you a damn bit of good, but at least it’ll keep Donald Trump in high cotton for a few more months.