Joe Biden WTF?!

President Biden Sent 60 Generators To Texas – Republicans Haven’t Distributed Them

Texas is in the middle of a major weather emergency that has already claimed the lives of dozens of its citizens and threatens to kill many more, all because Republicans who run the state are unable to admit that they need help with the snow and ice storm that has paralyzed the Lone Star State.

As he promised when he ran in 2020, President Joe Biden is being a president for the entire nation, sending 60 generators from FEMA to the state, according to The Hill:

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has supplied generators and is preparing to send diesel fuel to the state ‘to ensure the continued availability of backup power, which of course is a major issue on the ground, to key critical infrastructure including communications, hospitals and water,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at a Wednesday briefing.

“‘FEMA is also supplying Texas with water and blankets at their request,’ she added. ‘We are preparing to quickly process requests from other states for emergency assistance … and we urge people in the affected states to of course listen to their emergency management officials.'”

But while Biden has kept his end of the deal, the GOP officials who actually run Texas are still asleep at the wheel, either too proud, arrogant, or ignorant to do whatever it takes to provide comfort for their residents, literally leaving the generators and diesel fuel to run them at the airport:

Did the Texas officials not know the supplies were coming? The president made it clear Thursday afternoon that he was sending them:

Clearly, Texas Republicans don’t know what they’re doing. Instead of doing what needs to be done, they’re holding press conferences and trying to blame the Green New Deal and wind turbines for what’s taking place in their state.

Hopefully, the incompetence of people like Gov. Greg Abbott (R) will drive the point home to Texas voters that they need to give the GOP the boot and elect real leaders.

Congress WTF?!

Republican Congresswoman Gets Mocked After Blaming Windmills For Power Outages

Republicans are getting dumber by the second, and some of them are even more moronic than their Supreme Leader, the failed, one-term loser president and future inmate, Donald Trump.

If you doubt that thesis, consider the case of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) a pinheaded, knuckle-dragging gun worshiper who got elected because she pledged eternal loyalty to Donald Trump, who promptly repaid her loyalty by getting his ass kicked in a matchup with Joe Biden.

Boebert thought she’d weigh in on the fact that millions of Texans are now without power as a result of the massive ice storm. According to Ms. Boebert, the reason for the power outages can be traced back to frozen wind turbines. As you’d expect, that’s complete bullshit, as the power shortage in the Lone Star State has been caused by the weather and an increased demand for energy as temperatures plummet across the state:

Memo to Lauren Boebert: It’s never a good idea to cite Tucker Carlson as your source of news or information since all he does most nights on his show is lie, peddle conspiracy theories, and attempt to attract the lowest IQ viewers possible.

Wind energy has actually been a huge success in Texas, and now accounts for nearly 20 percent of all the power produced in the state.

Reaction to Boebert’s massive moronic meltdown was immediate and on point. Take a look:

It takes a special kind of stupid to believe anything a Republican says. They’re either lying, full of crap, stupid, or a bit of all three.