Nutbag Preacher John Hagee: God Will Destroy America

It might be a good idea to go ahead and get your affairs in order, because Pastor John Hagee is predicting that God will soon destroy the United States.

During his daily show, “Hagee Hotline,” the loopy minister of doom declared that because President Obama will not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he comes to speak to Congress on March, God will destroy America. Hagee did not mention the fact that Netanyahu’s impending visit was not first cleared with the White House and has been arranged by Speaker of the House John Boehner in an attempt to pressure the President to stop nuclear negotiations with Iran. Hey, no need for facts to stand in the way of a good Apocalypse story.

Nations that are “anti-Semitic” have always come to ruin, Hagee asserted, and added:

“I am a student of world history, and you can wrap up world history in 25 words or less and here it is: the nations that blessed Israel prospered and the nations that cursed Israel were destroyed by the hand of God.”

Hmm… I guess those billion of dollars in foreign aid we send to Israel on a yearly basis — and Israel is the single largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid — aren’t considered “blessings.” If someone gave me a couple of billion clams a year, I sure as hell would feel blessed.

But Hagee wasn’t quite finished with his paranoid rant, concluding:

“[God] is watching what America does as it responds to Israel. If America turns its back on Israel, God will turn his back on America. And that’s a fact. It’s proven by history.”

If  you’re in need of a good laugh today or just feel the desire for some good old hellfire and brimstone to get you going, watch this video of Hagee and no doubt you’ll be shaking your head at the end of it.