Ivanka Trump Racism WTF?!

Actress Vivica A. Fox Says Ivanka Trump Used A Racist Insult On The Set Of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Much like her father and brothers, Ivanka Trump likes to pretend that she’s not bigoted, but then she opens her mouth and proves otherwise.

Actress Vivica A. Fox was a contestant on “The Celebrity Apprentice” back in 2015, and she told host Andy Cohen on Friday’s episode of “For Real: The Story of Reality TV,” that not only did Ivanka make a racist remark, but she probably didn’t even realize she’d done so:

“I’ll never forget that when I did ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and Ivanka Trump, she said, ‘Wow, you speak very well.’

“No, Andy. I hate to say it. I don’t think she knew at the time that she was insulting us. I really think that she thought she was complimenting us. That it was like, ‘Oh, wow, you guys are intelligent.’”

Cohen noted that he was somewhat shocked Ivanka’s remark was allowed to make the final edit of the episode, but he chalked it up to white people being clueless just how offensive such a comment is to a black person:

“Think of the layers and layers of white people that saw a cut of that show and aired it and they said, ‘Oh, this is great.'”

Failed, one-term former President Donald Trump once told producers of “The Apprentice” that it would be a great idea to pit black contestants against white ones:

“I think that it would be handled very beautifully by me,” Trump said of the concept at the time, even boasting to radio host Howard Stern that it would be “the highest-rated show on television.”

Highest-rated show on television? Please! Donald Trump never had any show that got the best ratings and he never will. Even his State of the Union addresses scored lower ratings than those of his predecessors.

As for Ivanka, she’s clearly a chip off the old white supremacist block.

Here’s Vivica Fox speaking with Andy Cohen: