Fox’s Andrea Tantaros: Focus On Campus Sexual Assault Is ‘A War On Boys’

Leave it to one of the intellectually-challenged hosts at Fox News to take the serious subject of campus sexual assault and attempt to spin it so it turns into a war on males.

Andrea Tantaros, who is known for making asinine and fact-free statements on a daily basis, is the latest Fox talking head to come to the defense of the indefensible. While part of a discussion of the recently retracted report in “Rolling Stone” about a student at the University of Virginia who claimed to have been gang raped, Tantaros decided to let loosewith a full venting of her spleen, perhaps because her brain didn’t bother to show up for the day:

“This is the most dangerous form of journalism. They’re just looking for stories, and if they don’t get them then they’ll just make it up. But there’s a bigger theme happening here. This hurts women, this hurts victims of sexual assault, and I’m going to speak slowly so all the feminist blogs can get this one because I’m sure they’ll clip it.”

As if Tantaros has any idea what journalism is in the first place. Consider: She works at Fox News and has as much experience as a serious journalist as my dog does. She has worked professionally as a press secretary and for a public relations firm. I rest my case.

This pathetic excuse for a real reporter then decided she would go whole hog and slag every woman who has ever been sexually assaulted by declaring:

“There is a war happening. On boys. On these college campuses. So you have Lena Dunham, Rolling Stone, it is a theme in this country to go after boys in this rape culture. There are absolutely legitimate reasons for them to do this. But what happens after they assassinate their character? What happens to Lena Dunham? What happens to these fraternity boys? Absolutely nothing. And it hurts the women and the victims at the end of the day the most.”

Maybe boys are the focus of these stories because they commit 99.9% of all the sexual assaults reported in the United States! I guess Ms. Tantaros can’t handle figures that large because they tend to confuse her. As for it hurting the women and the victims, I have to say I completly disagree. Denying that there is a problem with sexual assault on college campuses is what harms victims and makes them reluctant to file a police report when they’re attacked.

If Andrea Tantaros and Fox want to take the side of the rapists in this debate, then they’re welcome to. But for them to pretend they care about women while they stand on the side of criminals is absolutely disgusting and inexcusable.

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Scott Walker’s Budget Eliminates Reporting Of Campus Sexual Assault

If Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is indeed planning to run for President in 2016, he might not want to count on getting the votes of anyone who considers campus sexual assault to be a problem. In his most recent budget submission, Walker has deleted all language which requires colleges and universities in the state to report sexual assault statistics to new students or the Department of Justice (DOJ).

All universities in the Wisconsin higher education system are currently required to report sexual assaults to the DOJ. But Walker’s latest proposal would eliminate that reporting, and would also do away with the requirement which statesany university employee:

“…who witnesses a sexual assault on campus or receives a report from a student enrolled in the institution that the student has been sexually assaulted report the assault to the dean of students.”

In addition to deleting the sexual assault requirement, Walker’s budget has also drawn fire for cutting $300 million from education in the Badger State.

Walker’s press secretary, Laurel Patrick, attempted to defend the elimination of the reporting requirements by saying:

“Throughout his time in office, Governor Walker has made protecting victims of domestic violence and sexual assault a top priority. In his last budget, he increased funding for sexual assault victim services while also providing significant funding to support partnerships and state initiatives to shelter and protect victims of domestic abuse. His recent budget proposal increases funding to continue protecting victims and their families.”

Maybe the next time Ms. Patrick is asked to respond, she’ll actually make an attempt to answer the question rather than dancing around it.

Scott Walker is quickly alienating huge groups of potential voters. He need not bother expecting support from union members or their families, women, college students, or anyone who thinks campus sexual assault is a serious issue. Pretty soon you’ll be able to fit Walker supporters into one small room.

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Campus Rape: No Means No and Will Always Mean No

If, like me, you’re the father of a girl, then you know the #1 job in your life is protecting her at any cost. Which is what makes the study I just read about the attitudes of college age men towards women so incredibly disturbing.

According to a survey conducted in December for the scholarly journal “Violence and Gender,” fully 31.7 percent of collegiate males said they would act on “intentions to force a woman to sexual intercourse” if they knew they could get away with the act. Many also said they don’t consider forcing a woman to have sex to be rape. Instead, the study finds that many men may even perceive rape to be “an achievement” and that a woman saying “no” to sex could be seen as “a token resistance consistent with stereotypical gender norms.”

Okay, time out! Token resistance when a woman clearly says no?! An achievement to take advantage of someone who is weaker than you are?! Did we just transport through H.G. Wells’ time machine back to the Middle Ages? Have we devolved back to cave man time? What are young men thinking? Better question: Are they thinking at all, or are they just allowing themselves to be led around by their crotches?

Yes, I fully understand that my opinions on this topic are biased. Karina, my 8-year-old daughter is, to me, the sweetest, prettiest, smartest, most wonderful girl on the planet. This is not open to debate. I hope and pray she will continue to do well in school and one day attend the college or university of her choosing. But will I have to send her to that institute of higher learning with a bodyguard and a trained attack dog?

The study concludes by recommending young men undergo some form of educational program in college in an attempt to “clarify the different behaviors that constitute sexual assault.”

It’s time we reexamine our attitudes about women in this society. Women were not put on this Earth to serve and please men in anyway we choose. Women are just as valuable as men. And when a woman says “no,” that is exactly what she means. No does not mean maybe and it sure as hell doesn’t mean yes! I’m not sure what young men are learning in college these days, but from looking at this study it seems painfully clear they are in dire need of being educated to the difference between right and wrong. No is not just a word. It is a stop sign that all men should clearly be able to read and accept at face value.