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Maria Bartiromo Claims China Is Sending ‘Doctors And Engineers’ Across The U.S.-Mexico Border

If you haven’t seen Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo’s so-called “show” lately (and literally NO ONE would blame you for avoiding it like the bubonic plague), you may not be aware that the once reliable business reporter has gone batshit crazy and now cranks out bizarre conspiracy theories that would make Glenn Beck blush. That is, when she isn’t verbally kissing Donald Trump’s ass like some sort of middle-aged fan girl.

On Sunday, Bartiromo hosted her show from the U.S.-Mexico border, speaking with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who is also fond of lying for political advantage or financial gain.

During her conversation with Abbott, Bartiromo claimed that China is sending “doctors and engineers” across the border:

“One guard told me that they apprehended a group from China. And the group from China told them that they paid $50,000 a head. And by the way, these were scientists and doctors and engineers from China.”

One guard told you that, Maria? Can we have his or her name so we can verify the veracity of your claim?

Bartiromo then shifted gears and began talking about “cartels” making money smuggling people into the United States, as if that’s something that wasn’t happening on Trump’s watch:

“It seems like the cartels are really winning and making big money here. Someone told me this week that they’re making $400 million monthly. I mean, the numbers, because they’re charging $4,000 a head, they’re taking 2,000 people a day into America. And depending on where you come from, the numbers are even higher.”

“Someone told me.” Was it a member of your crew, Maria? Or was it a gullible Fox viewer who got their “information” from some shady “news” website? Again, Bartiromo didn’t give a shred of proof to back up her accusation.

There was also this gem of bullshit from the fact-free Ms. Bartiromo:

“You have to ask, why the CCP is sending these people through the border, obviously they don’t want to be noticed. What are they doing when they get here?”

Actually, the first thing we need to do is question your “sources,” Maria.

Eager to join the misinformation-fest, Abbott remarked:

“It could be espionage. They’re forgetting about the people from China, from Iran, from terrorist-based nations. It could be espionage.”

What about Russia? Could they be from Russia? Nah, because the Republican Party has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kremlin, so it’s much better to blame China and Iran, the GOP’s current favorite targets for military attack.

The good news is that if Maria Bartiromo ever loses her gig at Fox, she can always find work at RT, which is also owned by Vladimir Putin and his cronies.

Here’s the video:

Donald Trump Immigration WTF?!

Trumpers Are Absolutely Livid Joe Biden Isn’t Painting The Border Wall

Joe Biden won the 2020 election. That’s a certified fact that no right-winger can possibly dispute.

And yet, to hear a lot of the Trumpers tell it, Biden should be following up on his predecessor’s policies and make sure they’re seen through to a conclusion.

Such is the case with Trump’s infamous wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, funding for which has been eliminated by Biden because it’s a massive waste of money and won’t actually work, not to mention that the majority of Americans don’t support building such a structure.

But to hear Trump adviser Jason Miller tell it, Biden should at least agree to paint the sections of the wall that were built while Trump was still president.

According to Mediaite, Miller had this to say on The Michael Berry Show:

“All of his hard work. They won’t even paint the wall. They were supposed to paint the wall this month. So it would be a black color as opposed to the rust color because elements and such. And Biden has even stopped that.”

If the wall is so damn effective and awesome, why does it need to be painted? Will the paint magically deter those seeking to enter the United States? And why should another dime be spent on this waste of taxpayer funds?

Miller went on to whine about the way the Biden administration is handling the surge of immigrants coming to the border and seeking asylum:

“To make matters worse, Joe Biden throws gasoline all over the fire by putting Kamala Harris, Mrs. Open Borders herself, in charge of the entire Southern border? I mean if this doesn’t scare the you-know-what out of you, it should.”

First of all, there is no crisis on the border. What’s happening is a seasonal influx of immigrants and it takes place each and every year.

Also, Joe Biden won the election by being the antithesis of Donald Trump. So why in the world he suddenly start carrying on Trump’s policies?


Donald Trump U.S. Senate WTF?!

Lindsey Graham Humiliates Himself With Video Calling For A Border Wall Without ‘Holes’ In It

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) desperately wants to inherit the mantle of Donald Trump, even though Trump is just a failed, one-term former president who is probably on the verge of being indicted and placed in prison for a very long time.

How much does Graham want to be the next Trump? So much so that he made a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border for one purpose: To wrap himself in Trump’s overpriced, flimsy excuse of a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

While he was at the border, Lindsey even made a pathetic video which only serves to make it appear that the South Carolina senator wants to try and rewrite history while simultaneously reimagining himself as a rock-ribbed racist and xenophobe in the vain hope of getting the MAGA faithful to swoon for him.

In the video, Graham whines:

“I visited a portion of the wall that has a hole in it. There was going to be panels put up that allows water to flow through from Mexico into the United States, but those panels are not being put up, so you got miles of wall with big holes in it you can drive a tank through it.”

The only thing missing from the video is Graham clutching at his pearls and fanning himself as he pretends he suffering from a case of “the vapors” when he contemplates all the horrible things that could be in Mexico and must be kept away from the genteel minds of all the pious American “Christians” who must be protected at any cost.

See for yourself:

Here’s the thing: Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a logical immigration policy that allows for a pathway to citizenship instead of a wall that the majority of Americans oppose? The wall is just a way of putting a Band-Aid on a much larger problem that Graham and his GOP allies in Congress are too afraid to actually tackle with legislation, even though that’s their damn jobs!

Once again, Lindsey Graham has proven that he’s nothing more than an empty suited hack who is insistent on riding the coattails of a man who would toss him under the nearest bus just to watch him squirm.