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Fox Host Whines Because A NY Restaurant Asked To See A Photo ID With His Vaccine Card

Fox News host Bill Hemmer whined on Monday that he walked out of a New York City restaurant a few weeks back because they asked to see both his COVID vaccine card and a photo ID.

During a report on New York’s new vaccine rules for all restaurants, Hemmer told co-host Dana Perino:

“I popped into a restaurant three weeks ago. I said, I don’t have my vaccination card but I do have an app so I downloaded that and I showed it to them. And they said, ‘Sir, can we see something with your name on it?’

“I said, ‘Here’s my Amex, here’s my Visa. And they said, ‘Sir, can we see a card with your picture on it?'”

Perino inquired:

“Did you show your Fox News badge?”

Hemmer replied:

“I turned around and walked out! You guys can have it. Good luck. The joint was empty.”

What Hemmer didn’t mention is that the restaurant was merely doing what the law requires. He probably thinks that because he’s on television, everyone should know who he is and be glad to have him in their business. But is letting him in worth being shut down completely if the restaurant doesn’t comply?

The vast majority of us carry a photo ID with us at all times. If we’re driving, we’d damn well better have our driver’s license. And it also pays to either carry your vaccine card or a photo of it on your cell phone if you’re afraid of losing the card.

Hemmer and Fox News are partially to blame for resistance to the vaccine that’s seen among many of their most devoted viewers. But as President Biden pointed out just last week, even Fox News has a mandate that employees be vaccinated.

The only question that remains for Bill Hemmer to answer is this one: You want some cheese with that whine?

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Fox Host Bill Hemmer Claims Democrats Want To ‘Cancel’ Bible Characters

While people are freezing to death across the state of Texas, the gang at Fox News is worried about statues being taken down in Chicago and trying to suggest that Bible characters are about to be removed by the “cancel culture” which they claim is led by Democrats.

Mediaite reports that the discussion began as three Fox hosts noted that Chicago was reviewing dozens of statues in the city to “grapple with the unacknowledged — or often forgotten history” of the city and “develop a framework for marking public space that elevates new ways to memorialize Chicago’s history more equitably and accurately.”

That led host Carley Shimkus to remark:

“Forty-one Chicago monuments are under review. Five are of Abraham Lincoln in Illinois — the land of Lincoln. His statue might be removed from the city.”

That’s total bullshit. No one has suggested taking down statues of Lincoln, but Fox needs to try and outrage their viewers so they’ll stay tuned.

Shimkus then referred to a recent appearance on the network by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who said that for many Catholics and Jews, “memory and tradition are very, very important — it is the vehicle of God’s revelation.”

That led her to go on an extended rant:

“You have to wonder, are we in a transition period in our country right now where our grandchildren, great grandchildren, great-great grandchildren might not think of these people the way we do? They might not be taught in the same way we know them now. I say more statues, not less, not fewer. More opinions, more ideas, not less.

“Way, way back in the day when I was first working in local news, I was at a CBS affiliate in Springfield, Illinois, and Lincoln was everything. A part of every aspect of the city and there was even a sandwich named after Abraham Lincoln. I don’t think they’ll take the sandwich name away.”

Oh please! A sandwich is keeping the memory of Abe Lincoln alive? If that’s the case, then we’re doing a poor job of teaching history to the next generation.

But it was what co-host Bill Hemmer said that perfectly explains why Fox’s ratings are in the crapper these days:

“If they start canceling American presidents, they’ll come after Bible characters next. Mark my words, right?”

Really?! That’s just ridiculous, as plenty of people on Twitter noted: