Climate Change Joe Biden WTF?!

Right-Wingers Say Bill Gates And Joe Biden Created ‘Synthetic Snow’ To Make Texas Look Bad

If you were thinking you’d heard just about all of the batshit crazy conspiracy theories floating around these days in the midst of the QAnon/Trump/stolen election morass that can be found all over right-wing media outlets, a new one has been added that may well prove to be the next big thing among the tinfoil hat wearing crowd.

The Independent reports that videos are circulating on social media sites which allege the snow and ice from Winter Storm Uri in Texas were actually created by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and President Joe Biden to make GOP officials in the Lone Star State look bad:

“One of the stranger responses to the disaster was the spread of viral conspiracy theory videos on TikTok, Facebook and Twitter claiming that the severe snow was actually ‘fake’ and ‘government generated’ as part of a sinister plot instigated by shadowy ‘elites.’ presumably intentionally plunging Texas into its present state of chaos.”

Consider some of the comments from the videos in question:

“‘This goes out to our government and Bill Gates. Thank you Bill Gates for trying to fucking trick us that this is real snow,’ a woman says in one video as she holds a cigarette lighter to a snowball over her bathroom basin.

“’You’ll see it’s not melting and it’s going to burn. Snow don’t burn. Snow fucking melts. No water, no dripping, no nothing. If I put this shit in the microwave, it’s going to start sparking because there’s metal mixed in it.'”

There’s also a clip of a girl who collects snow from her yard and holds it over a tealight candle, commenting that it doesn’t melt but instead appears to burn:

PolitiFact has already debunked all of this “government snow” crap, noting:

“Ice and snow have distinct physical properties, which leads them to react to heat differently. Snow consists of frozen water droplets that have fallen to Earth. When snow is compressed into snowballs, there’s a lot of space between the crystals, making them soft and porous.”

Ergo: Using a lighter on snow will indeed turn it black, but that’s because the lighter burns butane or some other gas, all of which are hydrocarbons and leave sooty marks on virtually everything when they burn.

Since the nutjob conspiracy theorists are so damn fond of videos, here’s one that completely destroys their “synthetic snow” nonsense. Feel free to spread it far and wide as needed to counter the MAGA morons who think everything is some sort of evil plot to make them look dumber than they are and always will be: