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Newsmax Guest: Teaching Kids About Slavery Will Lead To ‘Death Camps’ For White People

Over the years, there’s been some absolutely moronic, absurd, and misleading shit said on right-wing media, most notably Fox News, which is infamous for trafficking in lies and conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact or grounding in reality.

But in today’s wide-open media bouillabaisse of anything goes inanity — fueled in part by the explosion of social media platforms and ubiquity of the internet everywhere you go — we have even more extreme mutant strains of nutbaggery such as Newsmax, where today’s batshit, head-shaking headline originated with a discussion of “critical race theory” which led to a guest warning that teaching about slavery and how whites have treated blacks in the United States over the centuries will result in “death camps” for white people.

Those words came from right-wing radio host Michael Savage, who told Newsmax hosts Steve Cortes and Jenn Pellegrino that there’s already violence against whites all over the country:

“And now they’re beating up white children in schoolrooms. And I’m not going to mince words. You can cut me off if you have to. I know you probably agree with me. I can’t take this anymore. And there’s only one solution to it—sue the goddamn schools if they do it to your child for child abuse, and you will win.”

Yeah, kids didn’t start beating each other up until racism became a topic of discussion, right, Michael? As for suing for child abuse, can we also sue parents who voted for Trump and believe his bullshit? Seems only fair, don’t you agree?

Rather than provide proof of his specious assertions, Savage went full douche and brought up Nazi Germany and the Holocaust:

“The same kind of thing started in Germany. The Jews were no good. The Jews did this. The Jews did that. The next thing you know they were being excluded from swimming pools. They didn’t put them in concentration camps overnight.

“I studied this intimately. I am Jewish. I know how this starts. Attacks on white people is exactly what was done to the Jews in Germany in the 1930s. Don’t fall for this garbage. This is the road to the death camps. Stand up to these bastards and sue them!”

Jewish Americans were once excluded from public swimming pools, clubs, and schools in this country, too. Did it lead to concentration camps? No. It led to reforms, change, and a growth in American consciousness that allowed this country to evolve and realize the ignorance of such discrimination.

We have to understand where we’ve been as a nation in order to make sure we don’t repeat the past endlessly and lose our souls. Learning from history — even the dark and controversial parts — is how we prevent repeating it.

History Racism WTF?!

Michigan YMCA Camp Forces Black Children To Endure ‘Slavery Reenactment’

A YMCA camp in Jackson, Michigan, up until recently, forced 10-year-old campers to participate in a revolting slavery reenactment as a scheduled “activity.”

As part of the reenactment, teachers and camp instructors acted as “slave masters,” and then forced 5th grade campers to stand on a makeshift auction block.

Bancole Thompson, the mother of one of the black campers, remarked:

“The slave masters (camp instructors and teachers) had certificates which allowed them to pay for the slaves, and the students were required to hold up the certificates when they were bought or sold.”

Tiffany Birchett, the mother of two African-American students who attended the camp last summer wrote a letter to the principal of her daughter’s school in which she said:

“My daughter came home after the camp. She was very disturbed, and she told me what happened. First, I was wondering if this was a ritual that they do to these kids every year they attend the camp. She told me the camp instructors, including some of their teachers, were dancing and happy before they went out to do this slave re-enactment.” 

It also came to light that the camp said the slavery roleplaying was part of an educational activity it dubbed “The Underground Railroad.”

Another parent, Regina Crutchfield, reported that her daughter had also been mentally and emotionally scarred by the incident:

“My daughter said she was scared. One of the guys (camp instructors) re-enacted killing a deputy. They should not do that in front of a 10-year-old, and not when kids are hundreds of miles away from home. If they want to teach black history, they should do that in the classroom.”

The YMCA has since done away with the “Underground Railroad” activity at the camp, but one is left wondering: Why did they ever initiate it in the first place?

Discrimination History

How We Gave ‘Thanks’ To Native Americans: Broken Treaties And Genocide

I’m guessing that you, along with most of us, learned the story of the first Thanksgiving in school. We were told that the Native Americans (who were called “Indians” in our history books) were essential to the survival of the early Pilgrims. When the Piligrims had their first bountiful harvest, they invited their Native American friends over for dinner and a celebration of their good fortune in the new world. It’s a great story. It makes us feel good as Americans when we hear it.

Unfortunately, it’s also a historical fiction. It didn’t happen the way we were told in our formative years. But hey, pass the turkey!

How did we really “thank” Native Americans for the kindness they showed us? Well, we took their land, declared war on them, broke virtually every treaty we made with them, committed genocide against them, and then put them on reservations where they would be out of the way while America continued its relentless march to greatness.

How’s that for “American exceptionalism?”

This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land…Scratch That, It’s ALL MINE!

In 1829, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the U.S. Government could sell Native American land to non-Native people without the approval of the Native American tribes who would be directly affected. That one wrong decision by the high court led directly to the so-called the “Doctrine of Discovery.” And that doctrine established the legal framework for taking land from aboriginals living on it because it had been “discovered” by the white man.

In other words, it goes kinda like this: Do you live here? Not now. Get the hell outta here. This belongs to white folks, and we intend to keep it.

The Ugly Stain of Cultural Genocide

Natives were seen as savages when they dared to fight back against the government attempting to steal their land, kill their people, and force them to move.

Therefore, the “savages” had to be reeducated. Not a problem for the American government, which set up boarding schools where Native American children were sent and taught how to be Christian and more like the white conquerors.

Murder and the Other Genocide

From the moment the Europeans arrived among the Native peoples, the Natives began to die from diseases they had never known before: smallpox, measles, and other horrible things that had been brought over by the new arrivals from across the sea.

Not to mention the mass killings of Native Americans which were condoned and encouraged by the United States government. Within a few decades, the overall population of Native Americans had decreased by an astonishing 96 percent.

American historian David Stannard noted in his book American Holocaust that the complete annihilation of the Native Americans from 76 million on both American continents to just slightly over a quarter-million “in a string of genocide campaigns,” that killed “countless tens of millions” remains far and away the largest genocide in world history.

So as we sit down to our turkey and other trimmings this Thanksgiving, keep in mind that the Native Americans–who were here long before we ever arrived–are not nearly as thankful as we are. How in the world could they be?

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