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Homeless Vets Group In New York Asked Trump For Donation–You Won’t Believe What He Sent!

Donald Trump just loves to talk endlessly about how much he respects and supports military veterans. Of course, most of that is just lip service he pays so he can appear to be patriotic and get in good with potential voters and Republicans who are so fond of sending members of the armed services to fight endless wars.

Back in 2016, Trump held a rally rather than attend a GOP debate because he was afraid of facing questions from then-Fox News host Megyn Kelly. He trumpeted the fact that he had raised some $6 million for veterans. And he then promptly put the money in a foundation that only he controls.

But before the debate-avoidance event, a vet group in Queens that helps homeless veterans wrote and requested some funding from the Donald for their cause. What did he send them instead? Bumper stickers! Bumper stickers that read:

“Trump – Make America Great Again.”

Veterans-in-Command President Larry Robertson told the New York Daily News that his group sent a letter to Trump in which they asked for some money to help their group, which they say is desperate for assistance.

He was sent the bumper stickers, along with a note:

“Unfortunately we are unable to make donations from the campaign. Mr. Trump is very passionate about giving veterans the best life possible! Team Trump.”

Adding insult to injury, the group is now receiving letters from the Trump campaign asking for their support. Robertson remarked:

“We never wrote to his campaign. Now they want us to get out there and campaign and be on his team? Without the veterans, he wouldn’t be where he is today.”

NBC has looked into the Donald J. Trump Foundation and found that since 2010 Trump has given a mere $75,000 to veterans groups out of the $5 million it has donated to various causes.

How big of a hypocrite is Trump when it comes to veterans? This report from the Young Turks will show you. And it will very likely make you angry as well:


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WATCH: Rachel Maddow Turns Anti-Trump Sentiment Into Poetry

Last night on her show, Rachel Maddow said she wanted to try something she had never done before in all of her time on MSNBC: She wanted to have a poetry reading. But a poetry reading with a political theme to it.

Stepping out from behind her desk, notecards in hand, Maddow stood next to a cool cat wearing sunglasses and playing bongo drums, ala the whole Beat scene in New York City circa the 1950s and 60s.

Maddow said the “verses” she was about to read were actual statements of concern from Republicans who had announced there was no way in hell they would ever support presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. And she also urged all progressives to have some sympathy for the anti-Trump Republicans as they begin their six-month long period of mourning:

“If you know one, be nice.”

One of the longest statements that became poetry in Maddow’s hands was from Eliot Cohen, who was in the State Department as part of the George W. Bush’s administration:

“The Republican presidential defeat that likely impends and reflects an appropriate national revulsion at the GOP candidate, whose personal record of chicanery and wild rhetoric of bigotry and misogyny and misplaced belligerence are without parallel in the modern history of either major party.”

I think we can all get behind that sentiment. Author, author!

Watch the segment from “The Rachel Maddow Show:”

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Politics WTF?!

DERP! Heidi Cruz Just Said Her Husband Ted ‘Is An Immigrant’ (Video)

Not long ago, Ted Cruz found himself having to defend his wife, Heidi, against attacks from Donald Trump. Trump was responding to an ad run by a Super PAC supporting Cruz which showed Trump’s wife, Melania, in a scantily clad photo shoot she did years ago with the tagline, “Meet Melania Trump–Your Next First Lady.” The GOP race had descended into an ugly new depth at that point, with spouses suddenly becoming fair game as fodder for the candidates and their supporters.

Now we have Heidi Cruz attempting to somehow resurrect her husband’s campaign as the state of Indiana votes today in what could well wind up being the last gasp for the Cruz campaign, despite the candidate saying that he’s in the Republican race to the bitter end. Bitter is an appropriate word for Cruz, as his wife told a group of potential voters in the Hoosier State:

“Do you know that Ted has been winning the millennial vote in state after state. He’s been winning the women’s vote in state after state. Ted is an immigrant. He is Hispanic. We can unify this party.

Cruz is an immigrant? Holy cow! Doesn’t that play right into what Trump has said all along about Cruz not being eligible to run for the White House because he was born in Canada? The Cruz camp immediately attempted to walk (try run) back Heidi Cruz’s remarks, telling the media that what Mrs. Cruz meant to say is that her husband’s father is an immigrant from Cuba, a point Ted Cruz often makes when he’s asked how he plans to win the votes of Latinos come November.

But as you might expect, Trump was already in full-on attack mode, telling supporters at a rally:

“Heidi Cruz — nice woman. She said this one: ‘My husband’s an immigrant!’ He’s an immigrant! That’s what I’ve been trying to say!”

Trump was far from finished, driving the knife fully into Cruz with this line:

“She was maybe trying to put a Latin turn on it. He was born in Canada, folks!”

Later this evening, as the results roll in from Indiana, the turn could well wind up being the one that leads to the train bearing down on what’s left of Ted Cruz’s chances at the nomination.

Here’s the video that will haunt the Cruz family for a long time:

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Trump Surrogate: ‘He’s Going To Have To Prove That He’s Not Adolf Hitler’ (Video)

Earlier this morning on CNN, one of Donald Trump’s media surrogates, KABC radio host John Phillips, said he believesTrump can win the election in November, but his first challenge will be to “prove that he’s not Adolf Hitler.”

Also part of the debate was Ted Cruz supporter Steve Lonegan, who suggested that Trump and his likely Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton are “two sides of the same coin.” How so? Lonegan went on to add:

“They both support funding for Planned Parenthood. They both support universal health care funded by taxpayers.

“He supports gun control for some more popular firearms and he supports big government. I think Hillary Clinton is actually better on foreign policy than Donald Trump is.”

Trump, of course, now says he doesn’t support federal funding for Planned Parenthood, and he has also made some absolutist statements when it comes to the Second Amendment, even go so far as to say that he carries a gun with him at times.

But John Phillips said the Donald will have a big challenge when he attempts to convince voters to cast their ballots for him, commenting:

“I don’t think this is going to be an effective line of attack. This is a matchup that’s very dangerous to Hillary Clinton.

“If Donald Trump is going to win the general election, he’s going to have to prove to the public that he’s not Adolf Hitler, which is going to be easy for him to do. If Hillary Clinton is going to win the nomination, she’s going to have to prove that she’s not Hillary Clinton. That’s going to be much harder to do.”

Yeah, because voters are much more skeptical of Hillary Clinton than they are of a guy who reminds them of Hitler. WTF?! Does Phillips actually believe the crap that is pouring out of his mouth?

A general election featuring Clinton and Trump would perhaps be interesting at times, but all of the polling data available suggests that Clinton would win in a landslide. But Trump can always content himself with the knowledge that at one time he was mentioned in the same breath with one of the most evil men to ever walk the planet.

Here’s the segment from CNN:

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WATCH: Carly Fiorina Falls Off Stage And Ted Cruz Couldn’t Care Less

If you were wondering how that whole Ted Cruz-Carly Fiorina shotgun wedding thing was going, an incident that took place yesterday while the two were campaigning in Indiana speaks volumes.

In the video below, Fiorina is seen with microphone in hand, introducing Cruz and his family. As the Cruz family walks onstage, Fiorina slips and falls, doing a face-plant. How does Ted react? Does he show any concern for his running mate, offer her a hand up, laugh at her? Take a look:

He totally ignores the fact that Fiorina is on the ground, in need of assistance. Teddy Boy is far too busy shaking hands and doing his best to forestall the inevitable outcome he knows is right around the corner when the Hoosier State votes tomorrow. The latest polls show Donald Trump ahead of Cruz and Fiorina by at least 15 points.

But the Fiorina fall is emblematic of Cruz’s entire campaign. He has never been able to gain any traction, even though he has said all along that if some of the other Republicans would drop out of the race, he could beat Trump in a head to head matchup. How’s that going, Ted?

Pretty soon, Cruz is gonna need someone to help him up after the GOP electorate runs all over and flattens him, proving yet again that no one likes this guy.

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