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Steve Bannon Just Gave Investigators What They Need To Destroy Trump: DETAILS

Everywhere you look, those who once worked for and with Donald Trump are gladly agreeing to cooperate with investigators in order to lessen their own legal exposure as it relates to the president, the 2016 campaign, Russia, and the Trump Organization.

First came Michael Cohen, who has done serious damage to Trump by assisting both Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York. Cohen may have already provided enough evidence to prove that Trump has committed crimes ranging from bank and wire fraud to money laundering.

And now we have former Trump 2016 campaign manager Steve Bannon, who we learned Monday is handing over a trove of documents to congressional committees as they determine exactly what high crimes and misdemeanors Trump may be guilty of.

During an appearance on “The Rachel Maddow Show” Monday evening, Jerry Nadler (D-NY), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, revealed that Bannon had turned over “a few thousand” documents to his committee.

Nadler went on to note that “many” of the 81 individuals who received letters recently requesting information have also begun cooperating with his committee and are providing valuable assistance to Congress as it performs its oversight duties.

What might Bannon be able to tell investigators? Well, keep in mind that he replaced Paul Manafort, who was tossed overboard as campaign chairman when his numerous ties to Russia and Ukraine were discovered and made public. Bannon was then left to conclude the political “deals” Manafort had set in place with Russia and Saudi Arabia, along with other countries that have been mentioned as helping get Trump elected, i.e. Israel, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

Bannon knows plenty, and he doesn’t want to risk spending time in prison, so he’s singing like the proverbial bird to lessen the chance that he’ll wind up being a federal inmate.

Also, Bannon worked in the White House as a top adviser to Trump for several months. He may have intimate knowledge of illegal acts and shady deals the president made after taking office.

If Donald Trump thought Michael Cohen presented an existential threat to him, Bannon could provide the second part of a one-two legal punch that winds up leaving Trump impeached, indicted, and on trial.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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