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State Department Says FBI Director Is Wrong; Clinton Emails Were NOT Marked Classified

When FBI Director James Comey announced Tuesday that his office would not be recommending any further investigation into the matter of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while at the State Department, he did scold Clinton and her staff for their careless handling of some communications which had been marked as classified.

But in the days since Comey made his statement, we have learned that only 2 of 55,000 total emails were marked as classified, and now we know those two had been marked in such a manner by accident, according to the State Department:

So after all of the investigations, after spending countless hours and millions of dollars on the entire email matter, we have two emails which were classified, and those weren’t classified, either. Much like Benghazi, this is all a tempest in a teapot, an effort by Republicans to try and bring down a candidate they know they have no chance of beating in a head-to-head matchup, especially since their candidate is a blithering idiot.

So, as the New York Times rightly reported, here’s the bottom line as to what “secrets” were compromised by Hillary Clinton:

“(Comey) did not claim that Mrs. Clinton’s behavior had compromised any program or operation.”

Yet now we have the GOP-controlled Congress demanding that Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch show up on Capitol Hill and give a full accounting of how they reached their conclusions. They are also suggesting they may want to hold hearings and call Clinton to give a full accounting as they waste more taxpayer money that could better be used helping feed children and the elderly. Once again, the Republicans feel the need to conduct a pointless exercise in the name of politics.

And one is left to wonder: Why doesn’t the Congress demand hearings on the over 22 million emails which were conveniently “deleted” by the Bush Administration when the firings of U.S. Attorneys across the country were brought to light in 2007? Simple: What Republicans do is excusable, but Democrats must be crucified on the altar of expedience.

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By Andrew Bradford

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