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Spicer On Trump’s Ties To Russia: ‘There Is Nothing Further To Investigate’ (VIDEO)

The latest White House strategy for dealing with questions regarding the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia seems to be a variation on the old expression, “Nothing to see here, folks.”

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had the audacity to declare at Monday’s press briefing:

“I think Russia’s involvement in campaign activity has been investigated up and down. The question becomes, if there is nothing further to investigate, then what are you asking people to investigate?”

We’re asking them to investigate what role the Russians played in what was supposed to be a free and democratic election in this country, Sean. And if there’s nothing to investigate, why exactly is the FBI busy doing exactly that? Why did Darrell Issa say a special prosecutor should be appointed to get to the bottom of it?

While he was at it, Spicer also regurgitated this familiar line:

“The president has said time and time again that he has no [business] interests in Russia, and hasn’t talked to people from Russia for years.”

Perhaps if we could see the Con Man-in-Chief’s tax returns we might be able to verify that. Otherwise, we’re just supposed to take the word of a pathological liar? You’ll excuse us if we cry foul on that one.

Might a special prosecutor be needed to put the matter to rest, Sean?

“A special prosecutor for what? How many people have to say there is nothing there, before you realize that there is nothing there?”

When the ones saying there’s “nothing there” are all lapdogs for the administration, it’s kind of hard to go along with their willingness to be so dismissive.

Whenever the topic turns to Russia, Trumpkins and their führer always get incredibly defensive. Why is that? Usually if a person has nothing to hide, they invite scrutiny as a way of proving their innocence. But there is nothing innocent about Donald Trump or his henchmen. They’re all dirty and compromised from head to toe.

Here’s Whiny Spice at Monday’s press briefing:

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