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Sources Report Pathetic Trump DVRs Cable News And Watches It Before Bed For ‘Validation’

It was established a long time ago that Donald Trump is a self-obsessed narcissist and sociopath who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. But a new report from Gabe Sherman of New York magazine has just put a giant exclamation point on how much Trump insists on focusing on himself at all times.

In an interview with Slate for their Trump podcast, Sherman noted that White House sources had informed him the so-called head of state is obsessed with cable news, and he added:

“People in Trump world say basically a lot of Fox. But the other thing he does, from a source close to the White House told me that he does DVR basically all of the cable news.”

Yes, instead of reading briefing papers or other information he might need for a future crisis or negotiation, Trump DVRs cable news.

Sherman also had this to say about what he had learned regarding Trump’s voracious appetite for news that deals with him:

“It’s kind of remarkable when you think about it, that someone would actually want to watch cable news on recording. Donald Trump, apparently he does. And when he goes back up to the residence at the end of the day, I’ve been told does spend a lot of time flipping through cable networks, including CNN, and catching up on the way that he’s been covered.

“This is a man whose validation is cemented by how the media covers him. So he sort of obsessively monitors his media coverage.”

While Fox News is his primary source of information, Sherman commented that the alleged president also consumes “a heavy digest of Breitbart.”

So here we have a man who loves to use the term “fake news,” and yet his two primary “news” providers are known for being about as reliable as a car without an engine. Is there any wonder why this man is so damn dumb and uninformed?

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